DIY Rag Rug Repurpose

Being that I’m a very very soon mom to be, I am totally in nesting mode! Which also means…cleaning! Seriously. Clean…..ALL the things! Really….people talked about this and I didn’t believe them until it actually happened.  All in all it’s been a great way to clean the house…and I think my husband is friends with the guy at Goodwill now. :).

While cleaning out my laundry room and I run across this plastic zip up bag with one of my old couch covers in it. (Not in use, because my cats are why I can’t have nice things). If you own cats you know any couch cover you get will eventually be ruined!  Anyway I just couldn’t throw away that much fabric…therefore I began cutting it up into strips for fabric yarn!


You can go here, to learn how you cut a continuous piece of fabric (totally easy AND addicting by the way) but for now what I did was lay out the couch cover and cut out what I could of the fabric that was flat so I could fold it in half like the above pic. Since I had multiple flat pieces, after making a new set of continuous strips I did sew them together with a quick stitch on the sewing machine. You could easily tie them too, but for a smoother time crocheting, sew ’em up!


Then, presto! You have a pile of rag yarn!  This was from the first flat section I cut out of the couch cover. I do have a ton of cardboard boxes lying around lately so to keep this neat and tidy, since the pile was only going to get bigger, I cut off one of the box flaps and used that to wind my fabric around.

Being that I’m impatient and kind of have crafting ADD… I had to sit down and crochet up what I had until I ran out.


I didn’t really follow a pattern for mine. If you are new to crochet you can follow a pattern here for a rug, but really if you crochet already..this is a quick and dirty run. I basically chained 13, then just kept going in the round. I kind of went with the flow around the corners since you have to crochet 2 stitches in 1 stitch every now and then so your project will lay flat. I’m not really concerned with the pattern in this project..because it will end up being a rug for my laundry room, so winging it was fun. 🙂 This is still one of my “crafting ADD” projects so it’s not done yet, but it’s a lot of fun!



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