Crochet Fusion Quilt (WIP)

Before I hit the hay tonight I thought I would share my progress on a future item that will be in the my Etsy shop when it’s done!  I am pretty excited to see this one come together, as I really love LOVE the quilting squares I picked out.  

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I have really enjoyed the fact that when my mom was up last December, she had brought up her sewing machine. You can see it’s a very loved vintage model Singer. Still works like a charm, and really special since she used to sew with it when she was a teenager.

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This is when I sewed the top stitch around the border… before doing the next step in the process which is adding the blanket stitch around each square.

Tada! These got mostly finished up tonight, and I even got some of the crochet border on some of them.

Can’t wait for this to be done!!!

Update: Be sure to view my other posts on this project!

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