It’s Spring, and it’s scarf time!

Just sharing a few new things up in the shop! It’s spring now and time for some spring scarves! I’m having a ton of fun working on these! I love how a cute scarf can turn a plain, jeans and t-shirt look into something totally cute!

The first one I did is a fun repurpose project for anyone to tackle! Take a oversized shirt that you don’t want, and make it into something you DO want! Another fun thing, (since Jersey knit is kinda pricey in stores) is to go to a local consignment shop, or Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc. and look at their oversized t-shirts! You never know what you’ll find in unique colors or prints. Plus, you’re being eco-friendly to boot! I seriously look at my pile of Goodwill clothes in a new light now!

Eco Friendly Repurposed Powder Blue Flower Spring T-Shirt Infinity Scarf

I recently picked up a Smörgåsbord (yes I had to google the spelling on that hah!) of fabric from a nice lady moving out-of-state. It’s been a ton of fun planning what I can make from it all since the quantity varies of everything! I’m really excited because a lot of it is very vintage looking and fun!

Jersey Knit Pastel Spring Infinity Scarf – Southwest Vintage Print

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