Hand Stitched Easter Egg Onesie

Happy Wednesday!  I just had to share a last minute Easter project I was working on! When looking through some of my random mounds of fabric that I’m currently going through and organizing, I came across this bright number.


Super bright right? It pretty much just said to me “I’m a brightly colored Easter Egg!”. So I went with that. I honestly can also see myself maybe making a summer canvas bag out of this!  I had been looking for something to decorate some plain onesies that I bought, and this was perfect!

Since I don’t really trust myself freehand with the scissors I just downloaded an egg stencil for good measure. 🙂 Then, luckily I found some Wonder Under lying around, so I could start my project right away!  I just cut out a square, and ironed the Wonder Under onto it, then cut out my egg shape!

After it was ironed on I thought it would be fun to add hand embroidering around the outside!  I had been wandering the craft aisles earlier and found some cool variegated thread!



It really was a lot of fun and I love the way it turned out!  Of course, I couldn’t resist adding the cute crochet bow to the top of the egg.





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