Money Saving Tip$ from a New Mom & Deal Lover

Now that my little bundle is here, I wanted to share some things I have gleaned along the way!

Overall, babies are expensive! Totally worth it, yes, beyond belief, but expensive nonetheless. That being said, saving money is key especially when you will have new expenses like hospital bills, diapers, etc!  Truth is, there are a LOT of freebies and deal savings if in fact you are a new mom and I’m going to share some of them with you!

Note: This post contains some affiliate links.

Get your registry set up A.S.A.P

If you’re like me, you’re a procrastinator…so don’t be like me, haha!  Since I had my baby showers late, it didn’t really matter too much I suppose…but this should be one of the first things you do when you know you’re preggers!

Of the many registries out there (and there are a ton) I chose Target! I was really happy with them and surprised when a couple weeks later, I received a catalog in the mail from them, with a $20 gift card on the back of it!  Make sure you look at the expiration and don’t forget to go in and use it!

Also the catalog said to go into your local store to receive your free gift! This was the best! It even comes in a cute little bag. 🙂 You just go to the Guest Services Desk, tell them you signed up for your new baby gift registry and voila! Here’s a pic I found online of what the pack looks like.  The gift in the pack does vary.. shown in the picture is a Tommee Tippee bottle, but mine was a cute giraffe toy.

The other items you should receive are as shown:

-Shutterfly $20 gift card (wow right?!)

-Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags (2 count)

-Lansinoh Disposable Breast Pads (2 count)  – I like these, they are awesome

-Huggies Diaper Sample (1 count)

Target Baby Registry Gift

I already love Target for a lot of other deal saving perks I’ll get to in a minute. But I also loved that I could pick about 80% of what I wanted online and add it to my list.  I also loved that friends & family could purchase directly from the website OR the store. It was really convenient for me, as most of my family lives in California and I received a lot of sweet gifts from them! 🙂

Lastly, Target also sent me a card to get 10 % off items left on my registry that I still wanted. Many of the other companies out there do similar things too, I was just totally happy with Target.

You are also at this point going to be added to the mailer for other baby coupons, so it’s a win win!

Also there’s no rule that you can only have ONE registry. You don’t want it to get super confusing or anything, because you want people to be able to get you the things you need.  So, another one I recommend is Amazon!

amazon baby registry


First of all, other than Target, Amazon is my other favorite (so much so that that should probably be saved for another post!). The best thing about an baby registry is that you can add items from different stores! A definite perk!

Amazon Mom/Family!

Yet another GREAT Amazon perk in addition to Amazon Prime is Amazon Family! You can try it free for three months, which is awesome. Even at $100 a year for Prime membership. It is INDEED worth it with Prime eligible 2 day shipping. I have definitely saved more than that $100.00 in just shipping costs alone! Plus with Prime you get Prime Instant Video too (basically like Netflix) at no extra cost! Try it out for yourself and see. FREE for 30 days.  Such a good deal all around!


20% off diapers and wipes

Use Subscribe & Save for convenient, automatic delivery of diapers
and wipes – delivered right to your door at a 20% discount.

FREE Two-Day Shipping with Prime

On millions of items with Amazon Prime.

20% off other family essentials

Choose 5 or more Subscribe & Save items to arrive on your
monthly delivery day and save 20%.

30-day trial of Prime Instant Video

Unlimited instant streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows.

Plus,expecting members receive a 15% baby registry completion discount.


Give Amazon Prime a try today! Free 30 day trial!

Start Looking For Deals!

OK so hopping around…let’s go back to Target and talk deals!
The other deal saving reasons I went with Target, are the “coupon stack” options. These can all be used together!

  • Target Red Card – I love this because they have 2 options, you can sign up for either credit or debit! I signed up for the debit option simply because I need another credit card like I need a heart attack. 😀 I also love the perks!
    • Free shipping on Target’s website. (I totally love this because some of their website prices are exclusive!)
    • 5% off all purchases (yes this even works after you use all your coupons.. it’s a nice little bonus.
    • 30 days extra on returns
  • Target Cartwheel App – These offers change frequently and you can track new ones, and add the ones you want through the app. They work in conjunction with all the other discounts!
  • Target Coupons – On one item you can use BOTH a Target coupon, and a manufactures coupon. Why not get MORE discounts!
  • Target Mobile Coupons – Click the link to sign up for mobile coupons delivered to your mobile phone. (Keep in mind that SMS charges apply)

You can find Target’s coupon policy here. It’s recommended to keep a copy in your purse to clear up any questions. If you do it right you are getting items a lot of times really really cheap, or free!

I LOVE couponing. It’s quite addicting to look at your receipt and see this…


It does take a little time.. but we’re not trying to reinvent the wheel here. We’ve got resources!

There are a handful of coupon blogs that I frequent that do the coupon match ups for you! All you’re left to do is buy the Sunday paper (for those awesome coupons), have a printer so you can print online coupons at home, and you’re on your way!

Get Organized

First step. Get feedly on your computer, and on your phone!  I love how handy it is. And, how most deals are things you need to stay on top of… it helps you do this!

Here are some blogs to add to your feedly setup to start your savings!

Have a Coupon E-Mail

That being said, if you are couponing, you are frequently signing up for things to get those deals… newsletters etc. I have an alternate email so that I can keep my couponing separate from my home email. Works great for me so far!

Start Small

When I started couponing I was very “gung ho” so every deal idea I saw, I jumped at. This was NOT a good idea. Every store has a different way they accept their coupons, work their rewards, etc. Since it’s VERY time consuming you want to first start with whatever store you frequent most. Again, I’ll say Target is great because of all the stacks!  But the coupon blogs, like the Krazy Coupon Lady for instance, has dedicated pages for each store to help you get started and familiarize yourself!

Start by writing a list of all the items you frequently buy. (you can be brand specific too) this way you know what to hone in on.

Follow the brand you like.

If you have favorite brands, then follow them!  Go to each website for that company and see if they have coupon links directly on their site, and be sure to sign up for their newsletter too so you can get their coupons in your inbox.

Diapers, Diapers, Diapers…

First off there’s this sweet deal right now on Huggies! (exp. 4/28 unfortunately). I did take full advantage of this deal for size 1 diapers. Diapers are tricky. You never know how long you will need them since every baby is different. But most people usually stock up on size 2 or 3. I’ve heard most people say that their kids were in size 3 for what seems like forever. I had impulse bought 240 Pampers newborn diapers early on in my pregnancy, and most people said, you won’t need THAT many!  But I got a good deal on them so of course I bought them. Also, ended up using every. single. one. Though you can usually exchange unopened packs if you happen to get too many of one size so that’s always nice.

One helpful blog post I used was from about diaper stock up prices….super informative to give you an idea as you delve into diaper world.



Whether you’re planning on breastfeeding or using formula…there’s no reason not to take advantage of the full size samples of free formula out there by the main baby formula brands such as Similac, Emfamil, and Gerber!

Signing up at each site means you will also get a wealth of coupons a couple times a month off of formula too. Keep in mind it takes about a month or so to receive the formula…I signed up under both mine and my husbands name! You will also get cool stuff in the mail like for instance with Similac, I received a free hardcover photo book ($35 value) from included as part of their sign up. They give you a code that’s good for months and months after your due date so you will have pictures to fill it with your new bundle of joy. 😉

Lastly I’ll touch on breast pumps!

First thing you want to do is check with your health insurance provider to see if they cover the cost of a breast pump with your plan. (Most do!) I had to purchase it up front, and was then reimbursed after emailing in my receipt! I was able to score this Medela pump (yes go for a package deal that comes with extras) from Target’s site. I even got a free $50 gift card to Target out of it since they were doing a deal at the time. So shop around online to see if any sites offer something similar! Of course a free $50 gift card, free shipping, and 5% off was enough to choose Target for me. 😉

So if you made it this far into the post…congrats! You deserve a medal! In fact, Buy yourself one with all the money you are going to save! I hope you found some of this helpful and please share it with anyone you think it may help!

Happy weekend to you!


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