Playing Catch Up!

I’m really scolding myself at this point because my last blog post was from the beginning of June! (Shame, shame on me!) Hmm let’s see how much we can cram in here, shall we?!

Well it was definitely a busy couple of months.. Matt and I had our 11 year anniversary in June (Yay! Go us!) We celebrated that low key and then celebrated his first Father’s day by going to a fun extended family BBQ. It was nice. I like being out and about on weekends!


Nora, of course sported some of her cute Daddy outfits that weekend…it was only appropriate!

Later in June we also had Nora’s 4 month check up where she did have another round of shots that she took like a champ! She had a low grade fever for a few days but it was fine with some Tylenol.

(Man it’s past time for a 5 month shot now… I’m getting behind!)

Oh yeah, and this happened!


Luckily with Matt’s new job we will be able to get practically all of our fruits and vegetables! So I need to start making Nora some yummy baby food. I need to look over my Pinterest board!

I feel bad for taking such a hiatus here since I promised myself I would blog more. Nothing like some binge posting to make up for it, right? 😀 I guess there is an excess of things that need to get done that keep me from writing. Like having an infant, packing, moving… (yep, that’s still happening).

Next up? Nora flies on a plane!

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