Nora Laine • 6 Months •


I know I sound like a broken record every month I do little Nora’s pic and post, but it still blows my mind how fast this is going by. 6 months (already 1/2 a year!!!) and it will already be her first Christmas soon enough… Whew!

Maybe it’s how “Go, go, go” we’ve been lately… We have quite a sense of accomplishment with getting our house staged and listed. Huge thanks to our awesome family for always coming through for us, on that one. It wouldn’t be listed right now without them! This past weekend we watched more movies than we have watched in what seems like months! It was the first weekend we didn’t have to work on the house, so it was nice to visit friends and have some actual down time. 🙂

Crawling is going to happen for Nora ANY day now. I feel she’s done it a couple times and it seems to get more and more consistent. We will probably be moving the pack and play downstairs very soon! Life is good, and I feel very blessed every day!  Can’t wait until our house sells, and we can start looking for the perfect house for us near family!



P.S – I love love how she has Daddy’s smirk in that last pic!

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