August 2014 Wrap Up

There was still a ton going on in August, from moving and getting the house on the market, to Nora hitting the 6 month milestone, to my birthday, too!

I feel really blessed that Nora has gotten to spend so much time with her Grandparents! It’s really fun to see her get excited and shake her arm (kinda like waving) at them when they get home, then leans towards them and wants to be held. SO cute. I just love seeing her love them.

It’s a pretty cute thing especially when Daddy gets home from work, too! (He pretty much has to hold her when he walks in the door or it’s almost a meltdown!) This girl loves her Daddy! (And I think he’s kinda fond of her, too). 😁

One of the hardest things about selling our Eugene house was leaving Nora’s room that Matt had painted as a surprise for me before she arrived. Luckily we still have the paint and we will do something similar, but isn’t this the sweetest?

This month Matt needed to go film some “B roll” for work up at Mary’s Peak! Since it’s pretty close to where we’re staying, he asked if Nora and I wanted to tag along…. Awesome!

Here’s a Marys Peak summary:

Marys Peak, at 4,097 feet, is the highest point in Oregon’s Coast Range and the most prominent peak to the west of Corvallis.

On a clear day, from the top of the peak, you can see both the Pacific Ocean to the west and many of the Cascade peaks to the east across the Willamette Valley.


It was a little more of a hike than I thought it would be when we drove up and parked… But we were committed at that point! I’m not really a hiking type of person normally (totally not in shape for it!!) But now add a nearly 20 pound baby strapped to me, and that’s a party! /end sarcasm. Ok, ok, It really wasn’t that bad! I did stop and take a few breaks on the way up (this wasn’t a race, people.)☺

This year for my birthday Matt surprised me with a whole dinner date planned. He ended up picking out the cutest dress for me from Forever 21 (and he hates shopping, so that’s a big deal!!!) We ended up leaving Nora with my mom-in-law and Granny to babysit, which was a big deal too! I hadn’t really left Nora much since I’m breastfeeding (and lazy about pumping since I’m home with her all the time!) It was such a treat to go out to a nice dinner. I had filet mignon (like ya do) and it was so delish! We had a wonderful evening!

We also fed Nora some butternut squash for the first time and she seemed to like it!

We try to spend more time outside since it’s so gorgeous here! (Hard sometimes since we can be such hermits.) It’s fun to explore down by the river on a hot summer day. The deer are never far away either. They are quite the nuisance though, since they like to eat the plants that you want to keep, and anything in the garden (good thing that’s fenced in!)

What a fun month!

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