Minion Hats WIP

I finally managed to get some work done on those minion hats! (Well at least one of them anyway!)  I’m quickly sneaking this update in while the baby is catching a probably not-so-long nap. :mrgreen:


I looked at SO. MANY. minion hats and pretty much took what I liked from each. For instance, the hair! Really cute and easy, especially a great way to use up those left over bits from weaving in your ends. I also liked there to be some depth to the eye so the gray part has a little ridge to it. (You get that by only crocheting in the back stitch for the last round.)

Pretty fun! This is my first go at character-type hats and I must say, its awesome! I am so looking forward to fall! Bring on the leggings, scarves, cowls, etc!


3 thoughts on “Minion Hats WIP

  1. Love it. Looks just like I imagined. The boys will go nuts over them. Hope all is well with you. How’s the house hunt? Still at father in laws? Love Judy

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    • Oh great!!! I have a feeling they will be a tad big though, but we will seew… Room to grow at any rate! We are still staying with family, and on the weekends we go and try to work on the house to get it staged. Hopefully listing it this next week! Nora is so almost crawling too, craziness! Love you and hope to get the other hat done and shipped of to the boys soon!


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