DIY Spice Jars

I love looking on Pinterest at DIY organization stuff, its fun to pin, pin, pin. I totally do more pinning than actually doing the projects, but sometimes I complete one!

This one was for my dear mother-in-law’s birthday, whom we’re staying with while we find our new home! Nora and I have been watching her do canning and she mentioned how it was hard to find spices in a pinch (haha, pun intended, you can laugh….I did.) She has an epic spice collection, so this was super fun to do!


That’s not all of it..but I got it all out and took inventory! Being that I love to organize things (when I can actually make myself do so) there is no better feeling than finding multiples of spices and consolidating them! It really does give you that “I win!” feeling. 🙌

So, back to Pinterest, I found this.


I just loved the look of those colored rims with chalkboard lids! It’s just so cute!! So here is the DIY Down Low!

I first hit up Bi-Mart because they had a sale on canning jars. The hubby has a Bi-Mart card and I hadn’t really ever been in there but it’s totally cool! I ended up getting a total of 24 (2 boxes) of 4 oz jelly jars, and I saw regular glass spice jars with the black plastic lids for .99 cents each so got 6 of those. Of course, count all your spices first and see what you need!

Nora also liked riding in the Bi-Mart cart like a big girl!


They had the best price on the spray paint too, which was $3.74 per can!  At first I just bought the Rust-Oleum chalkboard paint and teal paint (which the teal kind says it’s both paint and primer) so I thought that was enough. Well, lesson learned, don’t ever paint without primer!  Even if it says it has primer in there. I got a couple coats done…then found that my nail could very lightly scratch it off. 😦


So I did go back to the store and got some self etching primer that was for metal surfaces…worked great!  I’m pretty happy with the Rust-Oleum brand, too!  But because I had previously painted I did take those rims and lids and wet sanded them that way the primer wouldn’t stick to flaking off paint! While I was out I also went to Michaels for some chalk pens (the wet wipe kind)! I had a nifty 50% off coupon which made a pack of 4 about $6.00. They did not have single pens. I was working with a deadline so I couldn’t do what I normally do and order it off Amazon. 😁


In the meantime I ran all the jars through the dishwasher so they would be ready to go when my painting was done.


I had a pic of the rims too, buy now I can’t find it! The best advice I can give on the rims is to take the time to tape around just the inside of the lid that screws down on the jar, so that you dont get paint on it. I spent quite some time, after painting was done, sanding off that part because as you would screw it down then unscrew the jar there would be flecks of paint there. You don’t want paint in your spices!

So after all is said and done the finished product is so cute! I can’t wait to do this when we have our own house now!



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