{Archive} September 2014 Wrap Up

Here we go again with our monthly (reverse) Archiving!

In September Nora turned 7 months old!


She was just barely learning to crawl! So hard to believe!

Ahh September… The month of (in my opinion) the best weather Oregon has to offer. It’s still quite warm, but not too warm…and it cools off at night, and usually no rain (yet).

We had just really started staying with my father-in-law & mom-in-law up at their gorgeous property in Philomath. It’s really serene up there, and you can always hear the calming sound of the river rushing by.


Nora and I had so much fun helping My mom-in-law, Janet, can pears, and make applesauce, & apple pear plum sauce (which is to die for and you want to put it on everything!) We had a great time going to Matt’s grandparents farm (which his sister’s family helps maintain); and help pick pears, quince, and apples. Such fun!

Canning truly is an art. A very precisely timed art. It’s going to be quite a while before I try to can on my own!

We also enjoyed a super warm September day and had a birthday party for Nora’s cousin Rex at her Great Granny’s house! The cousins had a ton of fun in the pool while we sunned. And Papa made us some nice BBQ summer food!

This was also about when we were heading to Eugene every weekend to make a big push and move out/stage our house! Here’s a few pics…

We also got some fresh Oregon air at Fall Festival! (Though my phone must have died or something because I have no pics from that just from after!)

And of course yarn projects I worked on!

I’ll end this September post with.. yes, you guessed it. More Nora pictures!


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