FYI Friday | Magic Ring Tutorial

This week, week #2 of FYI Friday, I have a great link to share about how to crochet a magic ring!  It’s from the blog Ambassador Crochet . I like this particular one because it is very detailed with great step by step pictures!  I for one, cannot live without the magic ring. When I first saw a tutorial I loved it, and started all my projects that called for chains at the beginning, with the magic ring method instead. Definitely check it out!


Hope everyone’s Friday is swell, and you’re looking forward to your weekend! I’m excited to go hunting in my garage for where I put all my wintertime clothes during the move out process…and my bag of scarves! You can never have too many scarves :roll:.

Will hopefully post after the weekend on these cute boots I’m making for Nora. She has wide feet and I swear every shoe I tried to get on her foot would NOT go on. (BTW, putting shoes on tiny people? That’s an acquired skill.) She needs boots stat because we have our very first pumpkin patching to do with the family. (Super excited about that!!!!!)

Happy weekend!


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