FYI Friday | Soften Your Acrylic Yarn Stash

If you’re anything like me (a yarn hoarder at heart) you probably have a pretty sizeable stash of acrylic yarn. As I got more and more into knitting/crochet, I, like many of you, started deviating away from the cheaper yarns and delved into the “yummy” yarn! (Malabrigo is my current obsession!) Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m a yarn junkie, so I still buy some cheap yarns…(some of them are actually pretty soft!) And sometimes you need a specific color for a project, and acrylic yarns do have their good qualities and come in an array of colors, so they have that going for them.

So today for FYI Friday, I want to share a way you can feel like you want to use that acrylic yarn again that may be untouched in your stash! I found it at you can see the post here!

Please do share in the comments if you’ve done this before, or if you try it and it works for you too!

Happy Friday all! Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend too! 😀  xoxo

2 thoughts on “FYI Friday | Soften Your Acrylic Yarn Stash

    • I’ve read too that just filling a tub or sink with water, and some hair conditioner with a little vinegar works wonderful. Let it soak for a few hours then rinse really well, let dry and voilà! Sometimes it’s easier to just soften the already finished projects too. Fun!

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