October 2014 Wrap Up

October had a lot of firsts for us!

Nora turned 8 months old & I have had a lot of fun putting together these little collages.  She’s almost on her way to full cruising mode, and loves to climb on stuff like boxes. 🙂


Early in the month we coordinated our very first trip to the Pumpkin Patch!


Matt has never been game to go to the pumpkin patch before.. (His mentality is “That’s something you do when you have kids.”) Now I’m like, “Hey! We have a kid now!!” Plus, our family was going (and we’re pretty lucky because my “bonus” siblings are some of our best friends) so it was a TON of fun!

This month was also exciting because it’s the second year my hubby is competing in a 72 hour film competition! Exciting! Last year I got my few minutes of “fame”, and was happy to act in the film, and our film ended up winning! I got to be scary, it was fun.

Repair – Bijou Cinemas 72 Hour Horror Film Festival Submission from Matt Cornelius on Vimeo.

WARNING: This video is a bit scarier than the wedding videos I usually upload. 😉 My friend Mychal and I made this film for the Bijou Cinemas 72 Hour Horror Film Festival. We were awarded first prize and took home $500 for our efforts! It was very fun trying to come up with something in such a short period of time, and it was quite a thrill to have our film selected out of the 20+ entries.

I’m so excited to share their video from THIS year too! They ended up winning the competition again this year, and were up against 34 other films!!! It’s so good. Note: It’s creepy!!  Give it a watch!!!

G I G G L E – Bijou 72 Hour Horror Film Competition from Sunburned Albino Productions on Vimeo.

A creature uses it’s own form of medical techniques to lobotomize and experiment on people.

We had attended the screening of all the videos, which was on Halloween, so we left Nora to trick-or-treating (or should we say napping?) with her cousins. I had debated getting her a Halloween costume, but decided I was going to be cheap and not. Luckily she had some awesome glow in the dark skeleton PJ’s to wear that were quite festive!

My talented sis-in-law captured this great pic of all the cousins & Gramma. 😉


We’re also quite spoiled to have our holiday photo taken every year by Bethany. (Thanks, B! You’re truly the best!!)
imageThe weather for October was still amazingly sunny so we had some nice times at the farm. Nora’s cousins had scored a swing set recently, on which there was a baby airplane swing. Bethany had told me the kids liked to call it the “Nora swing”. (Cuuute!)


Also, looks like we ended up selling our house! Just signed some more paperwork and sent that off. Now to move…(again) the rest of our “staged” stuff! The garage is literally stuffed to the ceiling! We are so excited to reaaally start looking more seriously for our new home! I’m feeling very blessed, and very excited for the future. (Pray for the perfect craft room, people…). 😀


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