Throwback to CrafTuesday

I am sad I didn’t blog about this back when my dear friend, Breezy and I did this almost every Tuesday! (It shall happen once again, my dear Breezy….it shall!) Anyway when Nora just a few months old and I was getting used to being a stay-at-home mama, Breezy and I gave birth to CrafTuesday! (It’s what all Tuesdays should be by the way.) Heck if we had it our way it’s what we’d be doing all day everyday!

I will share a couple of pics on what we were working on. I had scored a pretty big stash of fabric off of Craigslist, which I was pretty stoked about! It was all kinds of different fabrics, some newer some older…a great variety really! In it we had pulled out some pretty colored jersey knit, and we decided to make skirts!

She brought one with her to compare to (since we really didn’t feel like looking up a set pattern) and got to cutting! She also brought this super fun print fabric, and had a wonderful idea to make leaves that would be ironed on and hand stitched around. I just loved the idea!

I think at this time I just watched her excitedly! I eventually stumbled through sewing a really really simple skirt and thought about making some cute flowers embroidered onto the skirt coming up from the bottom! ( I have yet to finish that project…it’s packed somewhere!) Here’s some pics I found on my phone of it!

I’ll have to try and find more pics of our later projects and share those too. Soo much fun!

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