Traveling WIP Stripey Hat!

Hi all! Greetings from not-so-sunny-at-the-moment California!


Nora & I just got in last night to my mama’s house and we’re having so much fun already!


Just a quick-o post now to show my traveling project I brought with me, (the lace shawl WIP is still with me, too!). I fished out the circular needles I had used to make my first knit Malabrigo brimmed hat (have to take a pic and show that when I get back), and I’m trying out this simple knit hat pattern I found on Ravelry!

I’m also trying something different with the yarn changes for the striping that I will share later.  It’s working well so far! Here’s a pic of the yarn change and join in the round. (I am carrying the yarn up the back because I refuse to cut it and weave in all those ends!)😁


No FYI Friday post today because I’m on vacation! Back to it next week though! Hope you all have a fun weekend!


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