November 2014 Wrap Up

I’ve taken a little hiatus from the usual posting as we celebrated Thanksgiving with the family and Nora & I went to California to visit my mom!

It seems like we crammed an awful lot into November! (I know it’s like, December already and stuff… So bear with me while I catch up!)

Nora is now a 9 month old! What a big girl! She continues to amaze and impress us!


We also celebrated Matt’s birthday, got all closed on the selling of the house and got our “bag of money”. It was so liberating to pay off our debt!!! We have now been house hunting trying to find our next home. It would be nice to find something we can pay off and rent out, or find our forever home..either or!  Have you guys ever seen “Tiny House” on Netflix? Totally cool & worth watching! Well, we’re not looking for something that extremely small, but it has been fun looking so far!  I feel excessively grateful for everyone and everything. We are so very very blessed!  Here are some pics of November, and Thanksgiving with the family!

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