Pre-Christmas Trip

Who has been a bad blogger lately? (This girl!)  Even though late, (my M.O lately) I still wanted to share some wonderful pictures from my pre-Christmas visit to California to see my mom + family!  I felt like more of a pro this time flying down with Nora. (Nora’s second trip via airplane!) We opted for her to have her own seat, (instead of banking on there being an extra seat on the plane and moving everyone around to accommodate) which worked out well being that rows are 2 seats wide. I am blessed with such an easy-going good baby! She was hardly fussy for more than 10 minutes the whole plane ride both on the way there, and home. I ended up getting a bag for my stroller JUST in time, (literally, came the morning that I was leaving!) and that was very handy since I bag checked my stroller for free. Unfortunately I couldn’t gate check the stroller because it weighs more than 20 lbs, which is the limit on that nowadays, but it all worked out pretty great! Mom met me about half way and surprised me! I was happy to see her right when I got off the shuttle from the other terminal! Nora instantly was giving her smiles which was so so sweet! We got home and started having a bunch of fun playing with Nora’s new toys that “Nani & Grampa B” got her. Also decided that my mom would be called “Nani” which is special since that’s what she called her grandmother. (I love it!) Grampa B stems from “Mr. B” (sounds formal but it’s my pet name I’ve always called Brent from the start, so Grampa B seemed fitting) 😀

That weekend we had a Holiday cookie party which was so much fun! It was nice to see family and close family friends! I don’t think Nora napped at all that day. This kid does not want to miss a THING!

We enjoyed a lovely walk Uptown Whittier (I just love it up there!) A lady even noticed my “If you don’t love Bacon, You’re wrong.” T-shirt and chuckled and told me my shirt is awesome. Which is correct. 😀

Nora also became a really good eater on this visit. She had fun eating Nani’s scrambled eggs for the first time, and I finally decided to chop my hair off! Love my new look!

We had such a super nice trip! Look forward to seeing my mom again in February for Nora’s FIRST birthday! I just can’t believe that’s right around the corner


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