Off the Needles | Knit Boot Cuffs


Boy do I just love a quick project! You may remember seeing the bottom of these boot cuffs here, just a few days ago! I think the second cuff only took me a few hours since I had more time to sit and continuously work on it. I love that it matches the scarf that I made my sister-in-law for Christmas and I was able to adapt it to these!

The original pattern is a lovely scarf pattern made by Jenn on Ravelry (You can view her page here, with more great patterns!) Here you can check out the revisions I made to make the infinity scarf.

Ok, so here’s the pattern for the boot cuffs! (Add it to your Ravelry queue 😀 )

Cast on 61 stitches

Join round by slipping the end stitch on the right needle onto the left needle and then k2tog onto the right again.

You now have 60 workable stitches! This pattern is worked from the bottom up

Bottom ribbing:

Row 1-10: K2, P2 around

Pattern section:

This is a wonderful and easy pattern that is 4 rows long. You can make it any length desired, but for this pattern I would work exactly 5 repeats!

Row 1: P3, YO, K4, K2tog, K3

Row 2: P3, K1, YO, K4, K2tog, K2

Row 3: P3, K2, YO, K4, K2tog, K1

Row 4: P3, K3, YO, K4, K2tog

Top Ribbing:

Rows 1-5: k2, p2

Row 6: k2tog, p2tog, k2tog, then continue in ribbing pattern (p2, k2) until last 6 stitches; p2tog, k2tog, p2tog.

Next use a stretchy bind off! I like to k1 onto my right needle, then move it back to the left, and k2tog, move that stitch back to the left, k2tog…repeat until end!

Hope you enjoy the pattern! Have a fabulous day!


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