January 2015 Wrap Up

We’ve been busy bees lately and I like looking back through pictures of the month to do these fun type of wrap up posts!

(Which totally makes me think of this, when I do Caution: it’s funny, but there’s some language :D)

This past weekend Matt surprised me with tickets to the Oregon Symphony! I was especially stoked because they were doing a showing of the new Star Trek (2009) movie (which I literally watch at least twice a week…at least because, why not?!) And they were to perform the music from the movie, as it played, in full symphonic epicness. It was that, indeed. EPIC. I am so hoping they do Star Trek: Into Darkness as well because I love that soundtrack, too! I have to admit that it does spoil you in the worst way, making 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound seem like crap to your ears after that. 🙂

We had dropped Nora off at Gramma’s for her first overnight stay, because we were staying in Portland that night, too! I kept telling Matt how I missed her, (come on it was only one night, right?) Luckily Gramma was nice enough to text me some updates and few pictures so I was OK. 😉 We walked from our hotel first to a little Thai place for dinner (Yumm!), and then a short walk to the Concert Hall! They were also doing a costume contest, which we didn’t participate in…but enjoyed being around who we call “our kind” (a.k.a – nerds).

What a memorable, super fun trip with my man! (Thanks, babe!) Also a bit of a celebratory trip with February being the month we move into our new home! We are almost done submitting that lovely (what seems like) never ending amount of loan paperwork. We may even be able to close early, which would be awesome! We are excited to hunker down and be on a budget, now that we’ve paid off our big debts, and start chipping away at getting this house paid off, too! We did a 15 year loan and were lucky enough to lock in at 3%. We also snagged a king size bedroom set for $300 off Craigslist…score!

Another thing we also do in January is our Christmas get together at Matt’s dad’s. It’s always a ton of fun to do it post-holiday because we all want to get together again after seeing each other so much for the holidays anyway! We really have been blessed with the best family. (Sorry other families… Yes, ours is the best. ;))

Here’s a shot of us that Matt’s sister, Bethany took, and one I took of Cornelius Canasta! This family has a looking history of playing Canasta, and the skills show it. I enjoy watching because frankly it’s too stressful for me to play!

As much fun as January was, we are so looking forward to February! My mom will be coming up to visit so she will be here for Nora’s first birthday and I know we’re going to have a blast! Nora is aaaalmost walking now. I expect she will be by her birthday. She takes steps here and there pretty regularly, but she’s not comfortable with it yet. She recently started shaking her head and saying “No.” (Imagine that!) She is really just a little ball of cuteness and personality!

Here’s some other photo highlights from January to share. See you next month!

4 thoughts on “January 2015 Wrap Up

    • Haha! One could only hope, dear! It is so crazy with babies and technology! I remember watching my 2 year old nephew, at the time, playing angry birds on my sis-in-law’s phone and thinking how crazy that was that he already knew what he was doing!

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