First Knitting Meetup!

Our first knitting/crochet group meetup was a big success!
We had a total of 17 yarn loving awesome people show up which was totally cool! My sister-in-law, Jen had this idea and I’m so glad we did this. Thus was born our group “The Order of the Flying Needles” (we totally love the name…its got that nerdy ring to it we were hoping for!)

There’s something so special about gathering together with others who share in your passions and obsessions!  We had quite a mix in our group from beginners to experts. It was fun to have people show up and say “Can you teach me to knit/crochet?”. You betcha we can!  I’m super excited for us to start local charity projects and really get our group going. It will also be fun to see the beginners turn in to experts!

You can find our local group on MeetUp or Ravelry!


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