February 2015 Wrap Up

Whew! That’s about all I can say about this month!!  Tiring, but fun fun!! We have been busy worker bee’s trying to get all settled into our house

(and trying to get moved out of everywhere else that our loving family let us put our crap… er stuff!). Lately my hands feel like an old construction worker man’s hands (sorry Matt! You probably wish your lady had lady hands or something.) I’ve been trying to be liberal with the lotion when I’m not sanding, painting, etc… so that’s helped. 🙂

We closed on our house early this month, (exciting!) and got our keys!

We hit the ground running with trying to tackle our one wall of wallpaper in the master bedroom first, and needless to say, we hate wallpaper. Nora made a couple of trips to the house with us as well to “help” us get things done!



We let Nora pick our paint colors.

There is an unruly amount of brass in the house and I have deemed that it all needs to be painted! I picked up some Rustoleum Paint Primer, and some of their awesome Oil Rubbed Bronze paint. The first thing I did was paint the knob to this closet and one of the ones in the kitchen.


Nora’s been getting some Gramma time while we have been busy with the house too. She loves “playing office” at Gramma Jill’s house, and doing other fun grown up things, like pretending to drink coffee.

I like to imagine her saying “No, Bill.. I needed that file on my desk YESTERDAY!” Look at her holding the phone, AND her soda can… my little multi-tasker. 😀


This Valentine’s day was super low key for us, too. We had a nice evening painting the house, followed by a “romantic” kitchen-lit Taco Bell dinner (I know, be jealous. :D)

Early February my sister-in-law Jen & I had our first successful knitting meetup! That was a ton of fun and we can’t wait to plan the second one soon.

We’ve also been enjoying having my mama here! She flew in especially for Nora’s first birthday and it’s been such a blast spending time with her. She’s been such a help with us unpacking our house, and sort of camping while we find stuff (like our plates/silverware..etc) Yes, for a while we were washing & reusing our solo plates and cups! (Hey they were pretty durable china.) Needless to say I was happy to find our plates and glasses. Our silverware box is still MIA though. 😦

Celebrating Nora’s first birthday was really fun too (more about that here!) We just love seeing her little personality blossom!


Since her party she’s really been loving playing with her new toys she was given! They have been helping her walk all over the house, and now she totally stands on her own, and usually takes 8-10 steps before sitting down, or losing her balance.

Here’s some more pics from February! Hope you guys had a great month, too!


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