St. Patrick’s Day fun!

I can’t believe that this was a year ago! ( Meant to post this yesterday, but I let the day get away from me!)

My lucky charm

Look at that sweet face! I remember working on this cute hat before my sweet sister-in-law was to take her newborn pics! It was a few days before St. Patrick’s Day so I was excited to have this pic!  I believe I followed most of this pattern only I didn’t make it as long.. because crocheting the super skinny part of the hat was…well, cramping my style so to speak. Plus let’s face it, I was sleep deprived most likely (Nora was only one month Then I just decided to add tassels at the end, and a cute applique shamrock… and voila!

This St. Patrick’s Day I didn’t make anything for the the little one though, I blame moving still! (My go-to excuse at the moment)

We had fun making traditional Reuben sandwiches and roasted cabbage! My go-to for recipes? Pinterest! It’s always the best! I cooked the corned beef for about 3-4 hours in Guiness (yumm!) The roasted cabbage was delicious too! And oh-so easy. I think it will definitely become a meal staple!

Nora had her cousins over (and their parents, of course!) for dinner, and we had such a fun time! Nora just loves running around with her cousins and playing. Sitting on the couch in the picture below, she looks like SUCH a big girl! I love that she evens out the boy-girl ratio!


I can just tell that they all are going to be the best of friends later in life! Hope you all had a wonderful St. Patty’s Day!



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