Happy Spring! | Flower Pattern Roundup

🌷 Happy Spring 2017! Updating this knit & crochet flower roundup has been on my to-do list!! I hope you enjoy some great and FREE knitting & crochet flower patterns to add to your projects! Okay! So let’s Spring into action! (HAHAHA I’m ALL about those bad puns. Sorry.)

FREE Knit & Crochet Spring Flowers Pattern Roundup by Fibreandfabrics @fibreandfabrics #knit #crochet
Spring Flowers Knit & Crochet Pattern Roundup Pin

These are my kind of flowers because they don’t make my allergies flare up and, of course, you don’t need to water them!

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❤ For Knitters

1. Easy Elegant Knit Flower

Easy Elegant Knit Flower ♥ The Createry Shop
By: The Createry Shop

2. Knit Pansy Flower

Knit Pansy Flower ♥ By http://www.oddknit.com
By http://www.oddknit.com

3. Knit Rose Flower

Knit Rose FREE Knitting Pattern ♥ lionbrand.com
By: lionbrand.com

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4. 6 Petal Knit Flower

Free Pattern Knit 6 Petal Flower ♥ http://little-miss-stitcher.blogspot.ca
By: http://little-miss-stitcher.blogspot.ca

5. Simple Knit Flower

Simple Knit Flower Free Pattern ♥ http://www.knotenufknitting.com
By: http://www.knotenufknitting.com

6.  5 Petal Loom Knit Flower

FREE Pattern ♥ Knit 5 Petal Loom Flower By: http://www.goodknitkisses.com
By: http://www.goodknitkisses.com


7. Trumpet Knit Flower

Free Knit Pattern ♥ Trumpet Flower
By: http://intocraft.com.au

8. Knitted Dogwood Blossoms

Free Knitting Pattern ♥ Dogwood Blossoms -
By: http://purlavenue.com

9. Knit Poppy Flower

Free Knit Poppy Flower Pattern Via Craftsy https://www.craftsy.com
Via https://www.craftsy.com

10. Blooming Knit Flower

Lovely Blooming Flower ♥ Free Pattern http://andrewcraigwilliams.blogspot.com
By: http://andrewcraigwilliams.blogspot.com

11. Knit Poinsettia Flower

Free Pattern - Knit Poinsettia Flower
By: http://www.planetjune.com

12. Pinwheel Flowers

Free Pattern - Knit Pinwheel Flowers ♥ by Frankie Brown on Ravelry
By: Frankie Brown

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13. Knit Crocus Flowers

Free Knit Crocuses Pattern ♥
By: http://www.yarnbirdy.com

❤ For Crocheters

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1. Crochet Rose

Crochet Rose ♥ http://heidibearscreative.blogspot.com.au
By: http://heidibearscreative.blogspot.com.au

2. Crocodile Stitch Double Layered Flower

Crocodile Double Layer Flower ♥ By http://bonitapatternsblog.com
By http://bonitapatternsblog.com

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3. Crochet Dahlia Flower

Crochet Dahlia Flower ♥ http://www.myhobbyiscrochet.com
By: http://www.myhobbyiscrochet.com

4. Crochet Daffodil Flower

Crochet Daffodil Flower ♥ http://attic24.typepad.com
By: http://attic24.typepad.com

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5. Crochet Flower Patterns

Browse some different patterns on this site!

Crochet Flower Diagrams / Patterns ♥ http://www.craft-craft.net
By: http://www.craft-craft.net

6. Crochet Pansy

Crochet Pansy Flower ♥ http://littlemonkeyscrochet.com
By: http://littlemonkeyscrochet.com

7. Crocheted Hydrangea Flower

Crochet Hydrangea Flower Free Pattern ♥ http://www.maggiescrochet.com
By: http://www.maggiescrochet.com

8. Groovy 70’s Crochet Flower

Groovy 70's Crochet FREE Flower Pattern ♥ http://www.crochetville.com
By: http://www.crochetville.com


9. Spiral Flower Pattern

Free Crochet Pattern - Spiral Flower ♥ http://thecrochetcharm.blogspot.com
By: http://thecrochetcharm.blogspot.com

10. Crochet Tulip

Crochet Tulip - FREE Pattern by Kati Galusz
By: Kati Galusz

11. Crochet Flower w/ headband

FREE Crochet flower pattern w/ headband ♥ http://flowergirlcottage.blogspot.ca
By: http://flowergirlcottage.blogspot.ca

12. Easy Double Layer Daisy

Easy Double Layer Crochet Daisy Free Pattern @ http://daisycottagedesigns.net
By: http://daisycottagedesigns.net

13. Popcorn Stitch Crochet Flower

Free Crochet Pattern Popcorn Stitch Flower @ http://www.bhookedcrochet.com
By: http://www.bhookedcrochet.com

Be sure to check out more Pattern Roundup’s here and check out my knitting and crochet boards on Pinterest!

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