Family Garden Project

I just thought I would share what we (our extended family) have been doing the past couple of weekends! It’s so awesome that we have really got a jump start on Spring here in the Northwest! (Which also means a jump start on allergies) but who cares… warmer weather, right?! *thumbs up*

First I would like to share a little about the “where”. My lovely sister-in-law and her family currently live at, and help maintain their grandparents farm! The farm is now in a trust since my husband’s grandparents have since passed, and boy is it such a lovely place. My husband is the oldest of 3 and it’s so fun to hear of their childhood memories of hanging out at the farm, doing craft projects with Grandma; or spending holidays there. (Hold on while I steal a farm pic from my photog sis-in-law!)

Cornelius Family Farm

Isn’t it so picturesque?! I just love being there. Now for the garden part! My mom-in-law, Janet, has much experience with gardening and what to plant and when…it’s truly an art! I’ve been excited to learn all I can and eventually have a garden here in my back yard!

The family goal of the garden for this year is to have some fresh veggies for all (12) of us to eat each week! I love this! Plus it will all be organic as we plan not to spray anything. The garden is going to be laid out in such a way having certain flowers planted that deter insects….brilliant!

I didn’t have any garden boots so I was excited to pick some up!

We first had to deal with clearing weeds and berry bushes on one side.

They were a worthy opponent…but we prevailed! We wheeled out many a heap-o-weeds!


Here’s my cute bonus sisters working away!

It was so fun to see my niece and nephews out there too asking what they could do to help. โ˜บ

And eventually we were done with all the berry bushes and most of the weeds, yay!

Next fast forward two weeks where we do more weeding (sadly weeding is an essential part of gardening) and lay out mulch for the walkways, and fertilizer for the plants!

Here’s one last pic of my sweet niece helping spread bark mulch.

It is hard work, and I’ve been sore after each garden party, but hard work is good for the soul!


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