Family Garden Project | Part 2

This past weekend our family got together for Round 3 of our family garden project!

This was especially cool because we actually got to PLANT stuff in the ground!! We had the most amazing weather (again!!). It was quite awesome. We have been starting at 9 am and going until 3pm-ish and I was surprised at how quickly this goes by!

We started off with a game plan for planting by my amazing bonus mom, Janet. She is quite skilled in the art of gardening and us kids are excited to be learning all we can from her!

Here we are with our seeds, and watering system parts…

Before starting this big project, we had drawn up a planting chart! Pretty impressive eh?


We started by weeding some more. But the ground was quite a bit softer since it had rained last week, and because we had broken up the ground quite a bit already. The patches where a ton of grass has grown are quite a bit harder to take care of, but we shall prevail!

Here’s us hard at work weeding & breaking up the ground for planting!

Isn’t my niece just the sweetest thing? It’s super cute seeing the kids outside with us each week helping.

We sorted some of the starts of cabbage and some broccoli to plant, along with snap pea seeds that we had soaking.

Here’s my sweet bonus sister hard at work planting!
image image


Next up was laying the water hose. I don’t have a picture of us trying to unroll the hose at first…but it was quite challenging. We had to keep spinning it so it would lay straight without kinks…then we FINALLY figured out that running water through it first made it easier to do! Once we got that going it was much easier!



Here it is with hose laid and buried, and soakers & sprays in!

Here’s a wide shot of the rest of the hose laid out…but we haven’t gotten to that part yet!


Until next time! Happy Spring! I have a little flower box out side my kitchen window, and I think I feel inspired to fill it with either flowers or herbs. šŸ™‚


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