March 2015 Wrap Up

Well it seems like March was over in a blink!  After Nora’s birthday in late February we had twisted my moms arm into staying a bit longer with us at the house! It always goes by way too fast when she visits so we enjoyed having her for an extra week! I get quite spoiled having my mama here cooking meals for me! Nora enjoyed having her Nani here too!

We have really been enjoying living in our new house. Our big living room is the perfect play area for Nora to roam around and play.

This is what my living room looks like daily… Pretty fun right? Messy, but fun!

While we’re still getting Nora’s room ready we have all her clothes in our closet for now. She loves to help pick out her clothes for the day.
image image

One thing I did this month is to start making my own cleaners! It took moving to see how many cleaners I have already. Now, I love the smell of bleach, (it just smells so clean!) But even though I plan on keeping baby girl out of that stuff…it could still happen! Plus I don’t really want a million bottles of different cleaners to keep track of.

This citrus vinegar cleaner was totally easy for me to make, especially since Nora loves to have mandarins for her breakfast; Aaaaand because I already have vinegar around to use instead of fabric softener for laundry.

Lately diaper changes and getting dressed are…interesting. It’s kind of like hog-tying (not that I’ve done that..but I can imagine that’s what it would be like!) Here’s what usually happens for a bit:
image image

I mean.. You have to get those nakey pics sometime, right? (Check that off the list!)

The other day the weather was so good that when Matt got home, we went for a walk around the neighborhood! It was suuuuper nice out! I hadn’t gotten out all day so I was more excited about it than Matt was. 🙂 Nora had fun checking out trees and shrubbery, and we made sure to stop and admire our pretty tulip that bloomed out front!

There was also a fun park day with the cousins when Gramma Jill was babysitting! It’s so nice to get out of the house!

Daddy even stopped by to hang out with us for a bit (which may or may not have been because upon leaving the house I locked my keys inside.) Still, it worked out since Nora had so much fun going down the slide with daddy.


We also had a ton of fun visiting Daddy at work one day to drop off his camera. Nora even got some work done too. 🙂
St. Patty’s Day was spent with the cousins and was a ton of fun. (No pics of the adults?! Whoops.)

Let’s see, what else… OOH I got good at winning stuff! (lol) Well, let’s say I had a lucky streak, and won a couple shop giveaways!

The first one was a pair of custom shoes from Melanie’s Etsy shop, KalElle. She does fun nerdy stuff so I picked these awesome Star Wars shoes!


The next was a fun pair of crocheted earrings from Ana @ The Knitting Scientist! Her Etsy shop is here!


Aren’t those awesome? Yep, March was a pretty fun month. I am already excited about my April happenings. Easter was so much fun. Can’t wait to share that next!

Here’s some other fun March pics to share..


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