New Project | Nora’s Toddler Blanket

Hey guys! So on a whim about a month ago I bought some cute fabric with Nora in mind. It says “I love music” all over it and has little pictures of cassette tapes (something I will for sure teach her about, since I’m sure she won’t ever see one!) . She ALWAYS always dances whenever she hears music, which I think is so super sweet, so I knew I just had to make her a blanket with this fabric.

Here’s a pic of what I have so far…


I just love it! I’m using this pattern by


This will be my first fabric lined blanket, so I’m really looking forward to finishing this project! On to more WIP’s!

5 thoughts on “New Project | Nora’s Toddler Blanket

  1. That’s really pretty and the shell stitch stands out beautifully. I’m making a shell stitch wrap at the moment and I love how easy and repetitive the pattern is, yet so effective.

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