Easter 2015

We’ve just been breezing through April that I totally almost forgot to share about our delightful Easter with family this year! Not only celebrating Jesus and the empty tomb, but also, it was my nephew’s birthday as well! Such a sweet, fun time with the cousins!

This Nora “Then and now” shot is pretty fun! What a difference a year makes… right?!

IMG_20140420_171147 wpid-img_20150405_193933.jpg

She’s thinking “Why do I have to sit in grass?” in the last shot. We were having so much fun with her out in the orchard!

Before heading out to Gramma’s house we just had to do a little photo shoot of Nora in some of the cute dresses loved ones had gotten her. You have to put them in them while they still fit because if it sits in the closet too long… it won’t fit! (Stop growing just for a while, mmm kay Nora?!)

IMG_4677copy IMG_4660copy

Nora was excited to do just what her cousins were doing. We had a lot of fun taking some pictures of all of them lined up with their baskets. Luckily she’s not super great at walking on grass yet, so we could get some non-blurry pics of her. 😀

IMG_4718copy wpid-img_20150405_163647.jpg
That super cute dress she’s wearing was handmade by Nora’s Great Granny! We were happy that it fit her so perfectly!

All the kids had the cutest Easter baskets… ala Granny (and Gramma too!) The cousins always look forward to the Easter Egg Hunt!


IMG_4699copy IMG_4727copy
Don’t mind the phone in the shot above (I had no pockets on me!)


Love this girl! She even scored some eggs with money in them! And (luckily for Daddy & I) some chocolate, too!

This was also a fun birthday celebration for my sweet nephew, Jude. We had a lot of fun watching him open presents and having cake with the family!



We always have the most fun with the siblings when we play games, too. We played a fun card game called, Love Letter. It was such a great way to wrap up the night.

Hope you all had a great Easter with your family too!



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