April 2015 Wrap Up

It seems that I’m a creature of habit and start all these “Wrap Up” posts the same way… By saying that the month totally went by too quickly! And you know, it’s always true!  This month was a little unique because we decided to try doing a budget! I’ve been listening to a lot of Dave Ramsey’s talk show and am learning a TON from it. A lot of stuff that I wish I would’ve been doing for years already!! His cash budgeting system is pretty famous, and we were inspired by my sister-in-law to try it out.  Now, I am a person who does NOT like to fiddle around with cash/change at the checkout lane. Mostly because I’m also dealing with Nora, the groceries, diaper bag, etc. And yes, I ALWAYS drop something… usually change (it never fails…Murphy’s Law and what have you.) But even with my disdain for that I still wanted to try it, we NEEDED to try it. We have mostly always been accustomed to living paycheck to paycheck, mostly due to the credit card debt we had since every spare dollar we had was going to those monthly payments… but after selling our first house, we were able to get out from under that! While it’s been good to not have those credit card payments, we still needed to change our lifestyle.

It’s been pretty fun “Giving Every Dollar a Name” as Dave (Ramsey) would say. It’s true too. You need to do that or else somehow, that money got spent on something…who knows what… it’s just gone.  We have figured out a lot, such as, how much we’re spending a month on groceries, gas, diapers, etc. At the end of April we even have money left that will now go into savings, and we start each month with only that month’s paycheck that way we can bank what’s leftover.

It’s funny how your mentality changes too. We did allot ourselves some “fun money” because you really have to. We started with $25 each and I must say that was hard! It really does remind you of the days of having an allowance as a kid. I think mine mostly went to craft stuff as you would imagine, and Matt’s went to going to the Market for energy drinks (He needs to stop drinking those…) but I’m not one to judge!

Towards the end of the month we did get bad and wanted to eat out though. It’s funny how you bargain with yourselves on that too. Flashback to Eugene-living we would be like ” Oooh let’s go out TONIGHT!” (Steak dinner, wine, etc… $80 -$100 easy!) Now on a budget? “Let’s SPLURGE and go to Izzy’s!!” Yep. Izzy’s. No offense to people who love Izzy’s (you don’t love it, do you?) … just a big difference there. 😀

One of the terms Dave uses (Yeah, we’re on a first name basis now..) is “Scorched Earth” in reference to how you’re living. I will admit… I don’t think we CAN live like, post-apocalyptic status…but we are making progress… and who know’s maybe we’ll get there! For now it’s good, and I think everyone should at least try to do a budget to at least see where your money’s going each month!  Especially since Nora’s growing like a weed, and it really is just going to be a blink before she’s off to college, so we need to get that fund started ASAP too.

Other than our super fun Easter we had a pretty low key month (partly from having the budget I’m sure) but it was a lot of fun & family filled. Here’s a pic Matt’s sister snapped of us on Easter. 😀

Easter 2015

The beginning of April is fun because we have quite a few April family birthdays. Here is a cute pic of all of us (I’m taking the pic) at Yogurt Extreme surprising my sweet sis-in-law Jen, on her birthday!



Earlier in the month as well, we had our friends from Eugene over for dinner! It was really fun to give them a tour of the house, and just hang out like old times. We felt really loved that they made the drive to see us. Nora was excited and wanted to show them all her toys. 🙂

Mid month we were having a hard time (probably itching since we hadn’t really eaten out) so we decided to try out a Phở restaurant in town. It was a lot of fun, and it was yummy! Nora had some fun eating rice noodles.

We had some fun over at Grandma Jill’s too. Nora sat in the Power Wheels car (which was a super eye opening/scary moment for me…driving?!)

Baby girl is also inherently good at holding the PlayStation controller already. It’s scary really! Every mom says it… but “She IS really smart!!”

She is pretty used to watching her morning show while I do certain things (like clean the cat box, get my coffee…etc) But I have been trying to make sure it’s not ALL she does. 😀  I have to admit though, it’s hard because I like to get caught up on my TV shows! She usually plays with toys while I do that (or she nurses because she’s ready for her nap) because she’s not that interested in MY shows.

Also we finally got our blinds up and installed! So happy about that. You should’ve seen our totally trendy “garbage bag/blue painters tape” window coverings we had up before that! Needless to say, the blinds look much better. Props to my wonderful hubby for doing it! You can tell he’s thrilled I’m taking pictures while he’s doing the hard stuff. 😀



Here’s a few more pictures of our fun this month. Hope everyone had a joyous April!!


6 thoughts on “April 2015 Wrap Up

  1. Great photos, little snippets of the fun of family life 🙂
    We try to budget but it is hard to keep within it. I worked out our monthly income, then totaled up regular household bills and other monthly expenses such as swimming lessons, church collection money etc, also I set up monthly transfers into pots for Christmas, savings and car expenses. I then totaled that all up and took it away from our income. The monthly amount I was left with I multiplied by 12 and divided by 52 to give us a weekly amount. It has really helped but unexpected bills can leave us playing catch up for a few weeks!
    I hope all goes well with you budgeting, I would certainly be interested in learning any great tips 🙂

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