“Finish it Friday” Project | Hand Sewn Knitting Case

Hey all! I’ve been a bit absent from doing the usual “FYI Friday” posts (sorry about that!) They may come back in the future but for now I suppose it won’t be that structured!  Today I wanted to share some pics of the gift I made for my niece for her birthday last month! I think it turned out pretty good for my first time sewing something like this! It was really quite therapeutic to hand sew, there’s something so zen about it really. 😀


One of my niece’s favorite colors is purple so I was excited to find this fabric in my stash! Also already had the purple embroidery thread, and ribbon! (Yay for being a craft hoarder!) I do like the way it turned out (since I’m no master seamstress by any means) so it was a great first attempt for basically “winging” it!

I measured a length of 23 inches. Which allowed the finished piece to be 11 inches in height & width (with a little extra for seam allowance) , 5 inches for the pocket, and 7 for the flap to come down over the needles. (If I were to make another one I would probably make it wider to allow extra fabric to be on the sides.)

I must say, the nice straight lines of the fabric made it easy to stitch the pockets. It probably would’ve turned out very different otherwise! (Well, perhaps I would’ve used my fabric pen and made straight lines) but I didn’t have to so that worked out!




I ended up making the last couple of pockets smaller since the needles were smaller, so that worked out!



Hope you like it! My next sewing project (sometime in the near future) will be envelopes for my cash budgeting! Happy Friday! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


6 thoughts on ““Finish it Friday” Project | Hand Sewn Knitting Case

  1. Wow what a great present idea… Your hand sewing is so neat – well done I would not have had the patience.


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