WIP Project | Summer Lace Top

Here’s an update on a WIP I forgot to blog about (whoops, how did that happen? :D)

I recently picked up some soft yarn with my coupon at Hobby Lobby ( Yarn Bee Soft Secret Solids) for a steal so decided to attempt making a summer top out of it! I hunted down this top on Ravelry (found here) and I am currently tweaking it to make it more fitted instead of short and boxy. I am anxious to share the finished tweaked pattern here when I’m done! (Hopefully it will be done before the summer is over.)

The picture in my header was from a quick Instagram post and kinda dark since I took it at night. So here is a shot in better light. 🙂 It really shows the different stitch variation better!


I started a bit of the back half but ran out of yarn, a few days later I headed back to Hobby Lobby to grab some (no need to look at exactly what the color of the yarn is riiiight?) Yeah. Well, I get it home, happily make it into a cake to get started, and realize (after knitting like, 10 rows) that it’s just a hint darker than the rest of it! I quickly look at my Ravelry project and notice that I bought the WRONG gray yarn. (le sigh) I guess I’ll have to make 2 tops, oh well! Funny story though. 😀

Hope to share more on this by beginning of next month at the latest. After I go buy the RIGHT color yarn, that is. 😀


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