Finish It Friday | Crochet Multipurpose Cloths

Hi all! Happy Friday!

During the little one’s nap today (which is really tough because she’s totally cutting multiple teeth still!) I finished up these simple crochet rags. Really they can be washcloths, dish rags, cleaning cloths…etc. Any way you use ’em they are useful!  I have been wanting to get rid of all my kitchen sponges (because they are disgusting) and switch to something more Eco-friendly, and these will do just fine!



They are a perfect and quick beginner project too! Or if you just need that “yay-i-finished-it” craft gratification, which I did because Nora’s blanket is taking what seems like forever! (More on that later).

I wanted something a little thicker than a single crochet so I used the half-double crochet stitch.  Here is the quick pattern! Also here on Ravelry.

Crochet Multipurpose Cloths Pattern

  • Yarn Used: Lily Sugar & Cream Solids (120 yards made 5 cloths!)
  • Hook Size: 5.5 mm (suggested hook size from yarn is 5.0mm)
  • Cloth size: 20 stitches long, 14 rows high


  • Ch. 21, then HDC (Half Double Crochet)  into the 2nd st from hook to start Row 1.
  • Row 1: HDC across (20 HDC’s). Ch 1, turn.
  • Repeat Row 1 13 more times!


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