Our 12th Anniversary: Celebrating Us

Hey all! Happy weekend to all of you out there! Yesterday was my wonderful hubby and I’s 12th anniversary! We have had such adventure and change together! Probably the most for us was 2014. We welcomed our wonderful daughter into the world (whose napping right now as I blog this! {yay} ), I quit my job to be a stay-at-home mom, hubby found a new job, we sold our house, and moved to a different city! Whew, thinking about 2014 actually tires me out! But it really was a great year! My goal for this post is to pull up pictures from our life together up until now & celebrate us!  We spent our 12th anniversary at home & I couldn’t have been happier. We love to go out to dinner, normally for our anniversary (1. Because we love to go out to eat. And 2. Because it’s a good excuse to!) but this year we’re trying to be on a budget, so it sort of made me not want to do that. He offered to cook me dinner instead, which was just so perfect! We spent a good evening of quality time together after Nora went down for the night. (Did I mention she pretty much sleeps through the night now?!) It’s great. I only really have to shush her a couple of times (which, through the wonders of technology, I do through our baby monitor!) and then she’s usually ready to wake up around 7 – 7:30 am. 🙂 Ok so back to us, and pictures and stuff. Well before we were three, we were two! Matt and I met through my cousin so it’s kinda crazy that our families were already acquainted!  He had a little computer business downtown where people could come in and pay by the hour to play games (these places really don’t exist much now…) and being that I liked video games, my cousin thought I should check it out! We became friends quickly and started hanging out together. Here’s some pics from way back when.

Omigosh, we were BABIES in these pictures!!! In September of 2002, he proposed to me after a nice dinner at his mom’s house. I think everyone else knew this was going to happen but me! I had no idea. 😀 2002 - 09 - 17 Then in 2003 (12 years ago, yesterday!) we were married!

We were so blessed to spend our honeymoon in Hawaii! We enjoyed 3 wonderful days just us, and then joined our family for the rest of it! It was an amazing 2 weeks!

It was fun to go back to Kauai 10 years later and take a picture in the same spot! Here’s a fun “Then and Now” shot we had posted after our trip.


I think it’s funny how he’s still wearing a polo shirt, and I’m still wearing a floral print dress. (We didn’t plan the outfits!) In 2005 we bought our first home. We were lucky enough to buy it as it was being built and got to pick out the house color, carpet, and floors. So fun! PhototasticCollage-2015-06-14-15-17-26 This was also the year that Nala wandered into my store at work and I just had to have her. Matt made me promise that I would do all the “cat duties” if I was to bring her home, and I remember excitedly saying “Sure! Yes, of course!!!”  For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Nala in person, she’s pretty much the best cat ever! (No offense to our other, equally adored cat, Medley)…but there’s just something about Nala being our first “fur baby”. 😀 Here’s some cute pictures when she was just a young little thing! PhototasticCollage-2015-06-14-18-59-20 Here’s Nala now… she’s such a pretty girl… Our Nala Bear. (This picture needs to be framed on my wall .. whenever I get around to hanging pictures, that is!) IMG_0114   Later that year Nala got out and was gone for about 2 weeks! I was pretty upset with this and was sure she was gone for good. I was so happy that she returned. While visitng a shelter when we were looking for her someone said they may have her from the description of her markings that we gave. When we got back there, we saw a cute small cat with markings the exact opposite of Nala! After Nala came back home I couldn’t stop thinking about that other cute cat, and Matt said we could adopt her! After this many years Nala & Medley still just tolerate each other, at first it was so hard because Nala was definitely queen of her castle. Here is a good shot of their markings. 🙂 kittyfaces1 Fast forward a bit to 2012 and the best vacation ever! We took a cruise to Hawaii and it was indeed awesome! It was kinda our 10 year anniversary present. We enjoyed it immensely! PhototasticCollage-2015-06-15-09-51-35 But probably the most fun we’ve had together has been as parents. For sure we had our fun as a couple. But kids? Total game changer. In a good way! I’ll have to find the video sometime of how we broke the news to our family. We pretended to take a family picture but really we were recording video, and Matt said “Everyone say… “Gina’s pregnant!” There was seriously a whole solid minute of confusion.. lol! This was our announcement pic for social media.. IMG_7574-1 Now it seems like life is in overdrive! She’s growing up too fast. PhotoGrid_1424732563149 Whew, what a life! I am so blessed! Hope you enjoyed the post as much as I enjoyed writing it! Can’t wait for the next 12 years and beyond!


10 thoughts on “Our 12th Anniversary: Celebrating Us

  1. What a great post, very entertaining, I really enjoyed reading it! You waited a looong time to have Nora so I can imagine how life changing she was for you. Children fill that gap in a relationship that you didn’t know was there until you’ve got them and, once they’re here, you wonder how you ever lived without them. Happy Anniversary!

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