WIP Wednesday | Crochet Tank Top

Hey all! Well it’s Wednesday again! How did that happen so soon? Also it is apparent that I have a problem. I think this is my 3rd (4th? no 3rd…I think) WIP now! I know you all understand that, (since you are probably just like me) and know it can NOT be helped!!! Gosh, if only finishing projects was as fun as starting them for me!

So since it’s summer and hot here in the lovely Northwest  I have been perusing Ravelry for some cute clothing patterns. I haven’t really bought clothing since Nora was born (and am thankful) that most of my pre-preggo clothes (sort of) fit me still. Well, fit me enough to warrant not really buying all new clothes. 😀  I am the person that spends most of her “fun money” on yarn not clothing! So that being said, I thought it would be cool to revamp my wardrobe with some handmade items! I pretty much live in camisoles all the time. Especially with being in the home stretch with breastfeeding, I usually layer my shirts. I have been liking the “mesh” shirt look over a cami so I thought I would give that a try and see how it shapes up!

I was recently at Jo-Ann’s hunting down what to use my two 50% off coupons for.. (have I mentioned that I kind of can’t buy anything full price lately?) and I settled on Caron Simply Soft Solids in Robin’s Egg colorway. I love the feel of the yarn as it’s soft, and light! I do have to be a little careful crocheting with it, as it does tend to split some, but not too badly.

I had found this pattern here on Ravelry, and it didn’t take long until I was deviating from the pattern, but that made it fun! I will be updating notes on my version of the pattern as I go. You can check out what I have so far over here!

I do have one more WIP to blog about (see I told you I had a problem) but I shall save that for later. For now it’s time for crocheting & TV time with my hubs!

Have a wonderful Wednesday night!  Would love to see what you all are working on too!




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