Project | Seamless Baby Cardi

Hey all!

So here’s one WIP that I forgot to blog about that’s almost done! I don’t really like seaming things up (and frankly I have to relearn how to do it so that it looks nice, every time that I actually have to) so that’s why I love when I find a pattern that IS seamless! This is a great pattern that has sizing for 0 – 3 months, all the way up to 1-3 years. Since it’s summer time now (and ridiculously hot…ugh!) I have been looking for a pattern for a short sleeved baby sweater for the wee one. She has a couple of thin strapped dresses that I want to put her in, but if she gets chilly in the store or something, I don’t want to have to throw a full on coat on her in the middle of summer!  The pattern is called ” All In One Sleeveless Top” ! I was surprised at how quickly it knitted up! I still have to weave in the ends, and find and attach some cute buttons… but I love it so far! The project is also on Ravelry in different sizes under “All In One Baby Top” for you to add to your queue!

I used some lovely oh-so-soft Cascade Yarns: Cherub DK and for this sizing I was able to make it a little shorter, and only use one skein of yarn!


(I’m quite a fan of the one-skein wonders!) I also have this yarn in a pretty light lime green color, so I may do the same thing with that. I need to find out how many rows of the pattern I did for the body before doing the bottom border and casting off. I will update that on my Ravelry project soon!

Here is a pic of the little one wearing the almost-done sweater!


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