June 2015 Wrap Up

Hey all! Hope everyone had a wonderful month of June! I know we’re already excited for a full and fun July here in our family! My mommy is coming to visit for a week (so super excited!), I’m attending a wedding for one of my oldest & dearest friends, and a fun 4th of July pool party is planned at my bonus Grandparent’s house (a.k.a Nora’s first pool experience!). I’m already looking forward to taking tons of fun pictures (which should shape up to be a fun blog post, too!)

But hey, let’s not totally forget about June, right? 😀 June was fun, and quick! I don’t feel like we did as well in the budget category, but we had to do necessary things, like buying a AC unit. (Super-duper necessary).  We tried to hold off for a while, but when weather reached 90+ for a solid week we caved and hightailed it to Home Depot (where they pretty much had all the AC stuff stacked at the front door, lol).

In the beginning of June Nora & I met Matt at his sister’s house to take some pictures of the kids eating fruit for his work. It’s fun to see him in a job that’s totally his element (he’s a graphic designer for the marketing dept.), exercising his creativity every day! Nora was excited to see her cousins (as always!) It’s funny to watch her, watch them. It’s kinda like a person studying animals in the wild. 🙂

Nora loves blueberries.
Cousin Selah (7), Nora (1.5)

It was funny, you should’ve seen me running back and forth between pictures making sure she didn’t get blueberries all over herself and her new dress. She normally get’s really messy with the blueberries (like any toddler, I suppose).


Nora loves her Auntie B! …And she didn’t like me taking her away from the fruit photo shoot & her cousins (what a mean mom!)

Nora has been loving taking showers with Mommy lately! I love it because rather than her standing outside of the shower screaming while I scurry to try to take the quickest shower known to man..she plays with her toys instead and I can take my time! She is usually quite anxious to get in there, and if I don’t hurry she walks right in there with whatever she has in her hands at the time (seen below with one of my dresses) 😀 We have fun!

(Left) Aren’t you ready yet, Mom? Let’s do this! (Right) I’m so happy after my shower!

This month we also had the pleasure of celebrating our 12 year anniversary (which I blogged about here in case you didn’t see it)! I had so much fun putting together that blog post, and hand-picking all the pictures of our life together. I am so blessed!


The “older kids” had a lot of fun going to the movies to see Jurassic World in celebration of Josh & Bethany’s birthdays this month, too. Fun stuff! Matt doesn’t really like to go to the movies because he’s a man that prefers the “best seat in the house”, in his living room. Can’t say that I blame him, but I do love action movies with theater sound, and greasy buttery popcorn. Apparently it fixes migraines (at least for me it did). Nothing like yummy movie snacks and darkness to cure what ails ya. 😉

Us married sibs and my fun bonus mom!

While we went to the movies the kiddos had a super fun-filled visit over at Great Granny’s house. Granny always has fun stuff for the kids to do and they love going there! I’m so thankful Granny took some great pics in the middle of it all (talk about super Granny!) She’s even starting to warm up to Ol’ Papa (but he still has to bribe her with snacks) whatever get’s the job done!!!


Making mud pies! Nora caught on quickly with how to do this!
Checking out Granny’s garden. I don’t think she liked the dirt!
Playing in the creek, she’s loving this!

After the movie we had a nice dinner and enjoyed the summer night with family.

Yup, she’s ready to drive!

Earlier in the month we had noticed that we have 2 mature cherry trees in our yard! I can actually remember the houses sale description mentioning that, but ended up forgetting about it all together. We really aren’t “yard people”…neither of us like doing it..but Matt manages to get the lawn mowed…and I pick some weeds every now and then. 🙂

On our anniversary we went out and spent a little time in the backyard picking cherries. Nora loved them! That bowl is about all we ended up getting because the weather ended up getting too hot and we missed our “picking window”. Well there’s always next year!



Though we haven’t been really watering our lawn a ton, we have tried to do it some…mainly because it’s fun letting Nora run around in the water!


This month it was Father’s Day too and we had a lot of fun celebrating Matt’s 2nd one! Nora and I made him a card online (The CardStore is my favorite!) and a photobook of just he & Nora. 😀 He’s such a hard worker each day for us, and I have had the pleasure of watching him turn into the most loving & fun father’s ever! I love you baby!



We ended Father’s Day with some nice relaxing family time up at Matt’s Dads. The only pics I seemed to take was of our evening stroll. My niece, Selah was my walking partner blowing bubbles as we walked. Such a cutie! I love that girl.


At the end of the month we tagged along with Matt to a work function at a baseball game! It was really really hot, but luckily our table was in the shade.

I like this collage of us being goobers. 😀


This girl loves her Dad. 😉

We ate at Laughing Planet one night, and I got some random pics there. I just can’t resist. I like the first one with Nora’s derp face. 😀



Well, I think this about sums up June for us! (That was a lot of pictures!) And here are some more random snaps that didn’t make it into the blog portion. Hope you all have a wonderful, safe (& crafty!) 4th of July! :-*





5 thoughts on “June 2015 Wrap Up

  1. So fun! I love reading your blog posts, Gina!! It’s so fun to see all you do in a month! Let’s schedule a hang out day with the kids sometime soon. xo


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