July 2015 Wrap Up

Filled with family time, and weekend trips…our July was pretty fun! Was it filled with much knitting or crochet? Well…. (no).  I promise I haven’t wandered far….but every once in a while this sorta happens (bear with me!).

Near the beginning of the month it was very VERY hot, and Matt’s grandparents were getting a pool (yay!). They had everyone over for a pot luck pool party and we had the most fun! It was Nora’s FIRST time in a pool so I knew that would be a fun experience!

Love these two so much!



What a fun bunch! Love this family!

Nora and I had fun going to the store and buying pool toys and a floatie for her to sit in, but there are no pictures of that..(because she hated it.) It lays somewhere probably around the pool in the “pool toy graveyard” I imagine. 😀 We can always try that again, later! It looked like a pretty sweet setup with a sun shade and everything! (Kinda wish I had fit in it!).

Nora had SUCH a blast playing with her cousins! She always sleeps so well after a day of trying to keep up with them!


(Top left) You can see Nora sand playing with her little toy. (Top right) My sweet nephew trying to eat bubbles that his mom is blowing. (Bottom Left) Nora sipping on her juice like the big kids while sitting on a trike! (Bottom Right) I love this one! Look at her just studying my niece making sure she’s doing everything right!

IMG_20150704_193753And of course the adults were found doing our version of fun too, napping.

We got the chance to attend my bestie’s nephew’s birthday party which was a lot of fun too! Nora loved running around the park, playing soccer and of course seeing her “Auntie Mena”.PhototasticCollage-2015-07-28-22-59-40


I love these candid’s of us. Especially the top left one! This is so her whenever I try to get too close to them when Daddy has her.  What a little Daddy’s girl. Three’s a crowd, mom!

We ended up taking a weekend trip to see our group of friends and passed through Tillamook, Oregon (mmmm CHEEEEEESE.) Of course we had to make a stop there. They have a line just dedicated to cheese sampling. I love that place! Yes, the town does smell like dairy. But I’m okay with it because of delicious, delicious cheese (and because I don’t have to live there).


It was really fun to take the self-guided tour and see the factory setup! Also look at those (HUGE) blocks of cheddah (sadly they didn’t sell a 20 lb block of cheese in the gift shop) I checked.  We enjoyed staying for lunch and we had grilled cheese (MMM more cheese!) You may think you’re going to get cheaper prices coming to the source, but no. I get better prices when I buy cheese at home (and coupon for it!) I feel lucky to live on the west coast though, since I heard that east-coasters would pay upwards of $13 for a 2 lb loaf of Tillamook cheddar! (okay enough about cheese I guess.)

We ended up having a great time hanging out with friends (& Nora, too!). She was pretty good (most of the time). It’s definitely nice that she was able to sleep well in her pack n play upstairs so we could have some adult time in the evenings!



On the way home we ended up stopping for some delicious Mo’s Clam Chowder @ Otter Rock!


At home I had some bell pepper starts that have had some ups and downs (mainly because I did NOT get my grandma’s green thumb!) but we finally got them planted in our little area by the front door! Nora loves going out in the morning and watering them while we wave bye bye to Daddy as he goes to work!


Baby girl has been really good lately at mimicking words, too! It’s so cute. Here she’s eating a bowl of hummus (she says “HUUUMmmm..), and later I got out the Naan bread and she totally said  naan correctly! (Proud mama moment, indeed!).



We also had a nice family day up at my bonus parent’s house! Fun stuff. Nora got in some more cousin time, and us adults.. some fun game time!

It’s so cute to see Nora so active around the house since this is where she first started crawling & walking! It really does happen in JUST a blink.


Her connection with cats is evident in these 2 pictures above. This is Noah, who is seriously the most chill cat you will ever meet! I would say he was the best cat ever (but I can’t because my furr babies would probably claw me in my sleep because they would’ve sensed that I did that. ) 😀


Here Upper left is Nora walking the opposite way pouting because I told her not to walk down the hill. And to the right is Grandma Janet showing Nora & cousin Jude an empty bees nest!

Family game time is always fun, too. (I usually play a little and then try to get in a little knitting!) My bonus sister Jen & I both knit & crochet so that’s always fun too! Nora sure loves her family (and takes a shining to that handsome Uncle Caleb (bottom left).  The kids usually sit down for some cartoons in the TV room while the adults hang out and do games, and now Nora just sits right along with them. Pretty fun!


We ended the month with attending our city’s annual Craft Beer Picnic, which (awesomely enough) has for the past few years been hosted at the family’s farm!  Nora had some fun at Grandma Jill’s with ALL four kiddos overnight!  I don’t even think she missed us (since she was having SO much fun), but we’re pretty big suckers, so as soon as we were pulling out of the driveway we were already starting the “Awww, I miss her already!” stuff. 😀




Hope you all had an awesome July as well! (I can’t believe it’s already August 1st!) I’m pretty excited to celebrate my 34th year on this earth this month too! Maybe I’ll buy some yarn. After all it’s not everyday I can use the birthday excuse!! 😀


P.S Here’s some random pictures from the month that didn’t make it into the post.




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