August 2015 Wrap Up

It’s a little skimpy around here on my blog posting lately! So I’m sorry for that! Buuut, I have been pretty consistent with doing my monthly wrap ups, so that’s something right? 😀

August… hmm well, it’s a blur really, and seems that it went by IN A BLINK!  I had a birthday (let’s just say I’m “old enough” now, and I think I’m going to start counting backwards from now on!) we celebrated my brother-in-law’s birthday AND my dear mama’s birthday in August too! (Yay for birthdays!)

I scored some awesome birthday cash/Amazon $ from my loving family and made good (quick!) use of that! Scored these super awesome, nerdy shirts…


and (of course) more yarns (Thanks Jen & Caleb!)


On my birthday my bonus parents asked us if they could have us over for dinner (how sweet are they right?) It was a ton of fun and warmed my heart to see my bonus siblings there too. Super sweet! We enjoyed family game time, and a nice evening walk. Nora sure loves her family! Also the flowers pictured below were dropped by the next day for me by my sweet mother-in-law!


The next week we were out to celebrate my bonus bro’s birthday, and got treated to a nice dinner out (Thanks, Mama J & Papa Waynie!) Let the birthday fun continue!


I just love the top picture with Nora looking back at the camera while she shovels food into her face. So good! And the bottom left one too…it’s most effective to maximize the amount of food consumption at one time to jam all your fingers into your mouth. (Care not if choking/coughing ensues.) And so cute, the bottom right of her Daddy and Grandma Jill reading my card. ❤

There was also a little bit of crochet progress that I made on my soon-to-be pillow Moogly’s Sunshine Lattice Pillow, and you can see I’m putting my crochet basket I blogged about to good use, too!


At the beginning of the month we enjoyed a nice lazy weekend, full of yummy breakfasts, blanket forts, and music! 😀


So cute. She was really excited and just wanted to hang out under there with “Bear”.


Nora wearing daddy’s big headphones for the first time and listening to music. She loved it!

Nora and I also did a little trip to Junction City to go to the Scandinavian Festival & visit with my sweet friend Marta (and her lovely daughter, Shae.) Nora (as you can see) had a blast too! She napped really well on the way there, because I knew (just KNEW) she wasn’t going to nap at all while we were there.


Matt & I have never been “park” people… but of course, things change when you have kids! We really enjoy going to the park now and just watching Nora play. We (of course) closely supervise, but she is already SO good at navigating the play structures and going down the slides (almost) by herself! Big girl!


It’s continued to be a hot month, so what a great excuse to have another fun pool party at Granny & Ol’ Papa’s house!  Nora has so much fun playing with her big kid cousins.


They played pretty hard in the sand box (Nora didn’t actually get in the pool this time around) She was too busy running around playing!

Afterwards before dinner time Nora and her “Ol’ Papa” (Great Grampa!) had a fun time picking grapes. Nora would point, and Papa would oblige and feed her a grape. What a sweet moment! She & Ol’ Papa have come a long way since it used to be when he would look at her she would cry. 😀


And then some more grape-gettin’ from daddy…


She sure know’s how to get what she wants, eh? (Yeah, I think we’re in trouble!)


Yup. Pure (cute) trouble. 😀

Nora and I joined my bonus sister, Bethany for a fun canning session too over at bonus mom Janet’s house! Granddad was gracious enough to watch Nora while we canned! My bonus brother Eric, and his awesome beard (Yes it’s big enough & cool enough to offer an added introduction..)were there to help too!  It was a great time, AND we even got to take home a jar of last years canned pears! If you have never had home canned pears you are missing out! So, SO DELICIOUS!


This month we also (fiiiinally) got Nora 100% moved into her room! I know, hasn’t she been sleeping in her room for a while now? Yes, that’s true… but the dumb thing was that other than her crib…the room totally wasn’t set up for her to actually play in! Luckily Matt mentioned it one night, and I was like “Huh… you’re right! She should be able to walk in there and play whenever she wants!”. Silly us.

So that was a lot of fun doing. We still need all her finishing room touches to get done, like putting up her N-O-R-A letters, and putting up her cute tree decal that was in her old room (flashback!)

Nora & Daddy in her old room with letters and tree decal in the background!

Here’s what we’ve done in her current room. Lookin’ pretty cute!


She even helped me put away her clothes in her drawers (kind of..).


Overall it was a wonderful month, and we went really fast! Here’s some random pics that didn’t quite make it into the rest of the post, but are work sharing (or so I think!) Happy September people!!! xoxo

PhototasticCollage-2015-09-02-11-53-36 PhototasticCollage-2015-09-02-12-00-36




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