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Crochet Laundry Sac free pattern modification up on my blog! #crochet #fibreandfabrics

I shared a pic of this project last month on Instagram when it was still in the beginning stages.

WIP Crochet Laundry Sac - @fibreandfabrics

I’m so glad to have this done, and be able to use it now! It feels good to get a sense of completion on something, since (as I’ve said a million times) for every project I start, I will already have like 3-4 that I either abandon, or haven’t finished yet!  I needed a laundry basket for Nora’s room, and while I was perusing patterns on Ravelry, I came across one for a crocheted toy cocoon bagI also had a spare over-the-door metal hanger laying around, so I knew that I wanted to make a hanging laundry sac! The toy bag pattern seemed a little small for what I wanted to use it for, so I used it as a guideline.

Here’s roughly what I did…

🌟 Crochet Laundry Sac

Followed the pattern until Round 8 (this is where the increasing for the toy bag pattern stops) having you sc in 6 st, then 2 sc in the next*.. etc)

I wanted it to be wider at the base, so I continued increasing for 8 more rows, or until i was doing

{sc in the next 14 st, then 2 sc in the next*} which ended with 96 stitches.

From there I started crocheting the bag part.

Where I did:

10 rounds of sc.

Then a decrease row…

{*sc 14 st, sc2tog; *cont until end of row  (ending with a sc2tog)}

Then 8 rounds of sc

Then another dec row…

{*sc 13 st, sc2tog; *cont until end of row {ending with sc2tog)}

Then 6 rows of sc

(another dec row)
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{*sc 12 st, sc2tog; *cont until end of row (ending with sc2tog)}

Then 4 rows of sc

(another dec row)

{*sc 11 st, sc2tog; *cont until end of row (ending with sc2tog)}

(Then to make the top part more sturdy)

1 row of hdc

1 row of sl stitch (where you sl st both the row you just did (the hdc row) AND the row below it.

Doing this made more of a thicker sort of band at the opening of the bag.

For the loop part ( I kinda winged that). I wanted it to start 3 stitches from the middle back of the bag.. so I sl st 3, then chained 10. Then attached the chain to the 3rd stitch from the marker on the opposite side (thus having it span evenly 6 stitches–3 on each side). If that makes sense! (Hey for now I’m not really a “pattern writer”).

Then I hdc around the chain evenly so it didn’t bunch (didn’t count how many sorry!) Just make sure it doesn’t start bunching up. After that. I sl st all the way around the entire bag (including the loop) and weaved in the ends!

I’m really happy with how it turned out & now the only clothes that get thrown about are her clean clothes. lol. I finally gave up organizing her clothes in her drawers. 😂


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