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October 2015 Wrap Up

So… let’s flash back to a couple months ago why don’t we?? Gosh, you think I’ve been busy much? I think since I’ve had my new phone (which takes much better pictures than my old phone) I have probably doubled the amount of pictures that I take a month! This does make it really time consuming going through and picking which ones to include! (I know my monthly posts are usually REALLY picture heavy anyway… but trust me… I leave a LOT of pictures out!)

So. OcTOber! Well, let’s see. The question might be… “Gina, do you remember October?” Haha. But, seriously… the months all mesh together so sometimes I ask myself this & really have to think about it. Luckily looking through the pictures helps!

A new tradition got started in October for us siblings (minus the kids).. Wine night!! Seriously, so amazing! My bonus sister hosted it, and it was the best. They had different wines set out to try, and cheese crackers, and other refreshments. It was so nice to sit around, sip wine, and talk…just us adults! I’m already looking forward to the next one we have!

Pretty early in the month Nora & I were on our way out to the car (she was walking and I was holding her hand) and poor girl fell to her knees right after I opened the car door. She is such a big girl, and took it like a champ, but I still felt SO bad. Of course I had to document her first real pavement scrape. I was an unprepared mom without a cute bandage on hand. I suppose I will need to carry those with me in the future. 😀

Nora & I also had a lot of fun babysitting the cousins for a while mid-month! They are really such well-behaved kids, and Nora just loves playing with her cousins, that it was super easy for this Auntie! Nora just adores Selah, and I can already tell that these 2 are forming the sweetest of bonds.

Nora holding “Sherbet”, one of Selah’s cats & playing with the fox.

We got some playtime outside too, and checked out the newly erected chicken coop. Below Selah is holding “Lonely” one of their pet laying chickens. Living on a farm is fun stuff!

We enjoyed a nice sunny trip to Eugene to visit a dear ex-work friend and Nora carefully inspected leaves.

We have also been having a blast growing peppers! I’m stoked that I didn’t kill them. 😀  Nora has had fun watering them and checking them out.

October was also really special because I was able to reconnect with my dad & step-mom after way too much time apart. If there is one thing that I have learned from getting older, it’s that life is too short.  I really did feel it pressing on my heart that they weren’t in our lives for quite some time, and I reached out. I’m so glad that I did. The timing was perfect, as I learned that they were moving back to the area!

This month us kids were able to help Granny out at her costume shop (M & J Costumes), and it was a LOT of fun! It was such a great experience that we were all “Why haven’t we done this sooner?!” Granny (my bonus Grandma) is really SUCH a talented lady. She has over 500 costumes all that she has either made or collected, and has ran a costume shop for over 52 years now. Recently the local paper did a story on her that was so neat! (You can see it here). The best part was helping people that would come in and decking them out head to toe in a costume! Granny has everything you can imagine for a costume along with props, wigs, etc. It’s the best. As you can see below, even the grand kids had fun hanging out. And I had SO much fun trying on costumes, too!

The family also got together and celebrated Granny’s birthday! I just love our family time. It’s so precious, and we all have such fun.

Sadly it was on Halloween when we had to say goodbye to our dear kitty, Medley. She was such a sweet sweet cat. She had many names.. Meds, Medleykins, Forever-Kitty (because she was so small). She declined pretty rapidly over the last few days leading up to Halloween. When we took her in there was a large tumor in her stomach. It was harder than I imagined it would be. They were our first “kids”, our fur babies. We found Medley originally when Nala had gotten out and was gone for about 2 weeks (I was a WRECK!). We had gone to the animal shelter and described Nala and the lady said “I think I have a cat that fits that description!” Excited we followed her to the back and it was Medley.  I was (of course) sad that it wasn’t Nala…but when we pet Medley to say hello, she would lean her head down into your hand. Almost like she couldn’t wait for your hand to get there to pet her.. so she helped. She was a kitty that always seemed attention-starved no matter how many pets you would give her. 🙂 She just couldn’t get enough. She loved to sit on Matt’s lap, and often times when he would be at work, there she would sit. We miss you sweet kitty!

Though the beginning of the day started with a downer since we lost Medley, we were excited to attend the film viewings for the 2015 Eugene Film Society’s 72 Hour Horror Film contest! Matt & our close friend Mychal had done this contest for the past two years, and won! They were pretty excited to compete again this year, but knew the judging would be rough because of them being two-time champs and all. It was still refreshing to see overall, the films getting better and better each year. This year they tied for third with their short film, Shifter. and were happy with that since they had a great time from start to finish. Downtown Eugene was hopping that night too, as they go all out for Halloween. The picture below (bottom right) I snapped of a flash mob doing “Thriller” on the street corner, and us having fun at the event!

Since going to view the films for the Horror Film Contest has been our “thing” that we do on Halloween for the past few years, it’s also turning into a fun tradition for Nora to hang out with the cousins on Halloween & have a sleepover with grandma. It’s the cutest thing, and she just loves her cousins!  This year they were the characters from Odd Squad (a popular kids show).  Next year we will try and do an actual costume for Nora..the past 2 years we’ve been able to get away with Halloween themed pj’s!

Gma Jill & the kids

And we will end as usual… with random pics!  Stay tuned for an (also) late November Wrap Up!


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