November 2015 Wrap Up

Late October post is in the books, so now I am still trying to tread and keep my head above water (barely) with my oh-so-late November post!!

The month started out with me babysitting my good friend’s 2 kids for an evening. I had a house full with 3 kiddos and it was awesome! Albeit a little challenging as Nora & Eden are close in age so both kinda wanted to be held at the same time for a bit… but we got through it and had quite a bit of fun!

Nora had fun paying with Conner and Eden in her kitchen and it was fun to watch them all in the mix! Conner is such a wonderful big brother to Eden and was such a HUGE help to me during the whole thing!

We had quite a bit of Fall fun in my yard after joining my bonus sis & the kids on a Christmas present mall trip.

Nora’s face is so priceless in all of these! She has so much fun with her cousins!!

Then it was trying to get everyone to pose for a pic! The older kids are pretty much pros, but if Nora’s in a mood… good luck.

In that last one she’s basically yelling “Uuup, UUUP!” Antie B swooped in and saved the day!

I just love how much she adores her Auntie B… it’s so precious!


Nora and I also enjoyed a little trip to visit Grandpa & Grandma. We had a lot of fun playing & visiting, and hearing about their house hunting process, as they have just made the big move from New Mexico back to Oregon. Yay!

I had fun making deviled eggs to take to our Thanksgiving with the family, and though I didn’t photograph it… we made some pumpkin cheesecakes that were so awesome that we ended up making a total of (i believe) 5 this holiday! Yumm yumm!

Our Thanksgiving/family time is always full of love, great food, and games! This year we were happy to have our dear friend Shawn with us for it!

Auntie Jen playing games with the kiddos.


Sit still for a picture, Nora! Impossible!

Nora just adores her Granddad. 😀

My lovely bonus sis posted these pics (which I just had to steal… sorry B!) but they were just too cute! A longtime family tradition is each table setting having these cute little cups filled with nuts… Nut Cups! Ever since my hubby can remember, they always had these at the table, and so the tradition carries on. 😀 ❤  Nora found them quite fun to play with.

And here’s a cute (and smiling pic of Nora!) with her daddy. 😀


It’s also football season! (Go Ducks!) We enjoyed some fun game days,  as well as my hubby’s birthday and Thanksgiving x2 (lucky us!)!! It was so much fun!

Us siblings & kids!

On Matt’s birthday we dropped off Nora at Grandma’s and headed to Eugene to eat at Matt’s favorite restaurant, Ox & Fin. It was so yummy, and a nice date night celebrating my honey!

I hope you all had a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving, and are looking forward to an awesome New Year in 2016!!




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