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Off the Needles | Tiny Faux Hearts Hat

Just an update on that recent WIP that I actually finished! Quickest. WIP. Evar! It was for a swap that I did with my talented niece over at Hooked with Love. She had been working on cute ornaments for her shop when  I saw her post an R2D2 one…and I knew I had to have it!! She had messaged me about making her the hat (from a picture she had seen on Pinterest) and I was excited to create it for her! I was even more excited when she was a go for the craft swap idea! 🙂 Here is my ornament from her shop, on my tree!

and here is the hat I made for her…


I’m going to start the pattern again and attempt to chart it & write an actual pattern. Again. Let’s hope I don’t get lazy. Again.  I should have the pattern on Ravelry when I get that one done. 😀 I can’t believe the New Year is almost upon us! I know I want one of my New Year’s resolutions to be to finish my older WIPs. But I already have like 3 new ones bouncing around in my head. What’s a girl to do?! Who am I kidding. The more WIPs the better!! 😀 😀 😀



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