Crochet Hook License Shirt on TeePublic!

Hey all, as some of you may know I have a shop for my craft love items & apparel on Zazzle. My little shop did well over the holidays and I found that I love designing & doing the whole process! After the new year, I had been thinking about branching out to more than just Zazzle (even though Zazzle is awesome and will be where my main shop is..) and I ran across TeePublic! I have created a section on my blog for my “Craft Love” posts to live and I hope you enjoy these updates!

I would love if you would share it with your crafty friends..or maybe (since you’re here) you are the crafty person and you want to pick one up for yourself!! 🙂 You can browse my “Crochet Hook License” items on Zazzle too!

Crochet Hook License tee available now on TeePublic by Shop Craft Love • #shopcraftlove #crochet

Click Here to see more color options & styles on TeePublic 


Shop Craft Love items and apparel for makers! #shopcraftlove

Shop this design on Zazzle

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