January 2016 Wrap Up // @fibreandfabrics blog post

January 2016 Wrap Up

Well first post of 2016! How exciting! I’m already so pumped for what this year holds in store for us. 🙂

January started out for us pretty fun! We rang in the New Year with our siblings and it was a great time! Good food, fun games, lots of laughs. 🙂

We then enjoyed everyone’s company again a few days later when we gathered for some after New Year’s football! (we won’t talk about the game, because sadly it was hard to watch and didn’t result in a win.) There’s always next year! But we consoled ourselves with being together and awesome food, so it’s all good.

Nora sure loves her family, as you can tell from the above pictures!

The next week we gathered, with many friends & family from out of town for a celebration of life memorial of our dear Uncle Jeff that passed in December.  Matt & his sibs sang a rendition of “Amazing Grace” that was just beautiful, followed by some old family movies and a slide show tribute of pictures from Uncle Jeff’s life.

We had a great time visiting with the family who came to pay their respects, and the kids had a wonderful time too, as you can see!

After we packed everything up from the memorial, Granny & Ol’ Papa hosted a dinner so the family could visit some more & that was a lot of fun. In fact I was having such a great time there that I didn’t get any pictures!  Later that night we headed off to the coast for a much needed getaway, and to celebrate our annual “Christmas in January”. I love it, because it stretches Christmas out even further and still feels like the holidays!

We had ourselves a wonderful time! I brought along yarn projects,  helped out on a puzzle, the sibs played games…. it was great.

We brought along some of Nora’s fun toys she got at Christmas, and the cousins were so great at playing along with her. They get along so well!  She and Granddad even had a good time playing Legos.

And of course there was some cartoon time. 🙂

Nora didn’t like to sleep in the pack & play while we were away, so that was a little challenging. She slept with us which got me some extra snuggle time…it kinda made up for the lack of sleeping. 😀

Later in the month we enjoyed a trip to Toys R Us to pick Nora out a toy with the gift card her sweet Great Aunt Judy had sent her. I hadn’t been in a Toys R Us in ages and it was really fun! I think I almost had as much fun as Nora. 🙂 She (rather we) picked out some Zoo themed Legos to expand her collection, and she has been having a lot of fun with those.

Here I am trying to get a picture of her giving a thumbs up to the camera… (I failed). I was trying because Matt was putting together a “Customer of the Month” picture submission at work for his company’s website and Nora was the first “winner”. These were still pretty cute though!

She’s still a blueberry lover! Though she is mighty hard to feed nowadays since she almost has all her teeth in, and they are constantly bugging her. Poor baby.

A handful of times now she runs off to her room and is really quiet. As you would think, yes, this means she is up to NO good. It’s usually her getting a hold of her baby powder and dumping it on the carpet…or on other random objects or stuffed animals in her room. It’s funny… but mom deems it a “no no”. 😉

I explain to her why we don’t do that, and get the vacuum. Now she makes sure to “help” with the clean up by getting her vacuum too.

Matt’s been having fun with his band lately, and Nora & I got the chance to see them audition for a local “Battle of the Bands” event. It was at the local college, and they had a pretty impressive set up there. I always have a heck of a time finding parking on campus (I usually make a point NOT to drive there on my own if it can be avoided) but I braved it since we couldn’t fit the gear PLUS family in the car. 🙂  Poor Matt was stuck trying to take a cell phone call from me, while finishing getting his gear into the building….but one of the gals there was SUCH an angel, that she actually talked me through it and came out to my car, hopped in and helped me park & get there just in time to see the whole audition! She was the nicest person & totally saved my bacon!

Whew! What a fun month! Here are some random pics to throw in too. Hope everyone is already having a wonderful February!! ❤

Nora playing at Granny & Ol’ Papa’s house.
My Nala kitty being silly & curious!






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