February 2016 Wrap Up

February was a pretty relaxed month for us, which seemed to go by so quickly! Our quick highlights to share about February include our sweet not-so baby girl turned two, and we had a wonderful date night to the symphony!

For a couple of years now my awesome hubby has surprised me in January/February with a trip to the symphony! What makes the symphony awesome for me you ask?  Watching a movie you love while the music is played by a full orchestra. Yeah. It’s awesome! And yes, in case you’re wondering… it does kinda ruin the next time you watch the movie… because you don’t have an orchestra playing, it’s just your crappy 5.1 surround sound. (Which I know, isn’t crappy, but seems so after an orchestra!) ANYway, totally worth it and everyone should experience it first hand if you have the opportunity! This year we saw Star Trek: Into Darkness, which is one of my favorite films, and I love the soundtrack.  This year we saved a little money and didn’t stay overnight in the city the night before which was totally fine, since it would mean less time away from my baby girl (sappy mom  syndrome, I know). We cut it a little close getting to Portland, so eating out first was kind of not an option. At that point you are hoping for some fast food or something, but for the area around the concert hall? Portland is too good for that. It’s really only reservation / “wait an hour to be seated” trendy food venues. Portland is, after all one of the top food destinations in America. But again, we were getting hangry, so we settled for symphony food. (A pretzel with salt, and an over priced beer). Also drinking your beer with a straw is super classy.

It was really a comical part of the night. The pretzel was brushed with butter (yummy, right?),  sprinkled with salt, and handed to us in a napkin. This was all well and good, but during the course of 2-3 minutes getting mustard for said pretzel and finding a place for us to sit so we could eat and drink our beer without spilling it, the napkin had fused itself indefinitely to the pretzel. I felt bad, because Matt had a large portion of his pretzel which was now napkin-pretzel. You can try peeling that off….but it takes the whole outside of the pretzel with it. I watched as he performed pretzel surgery for a minute and then gave up and threw it away. I decided that the napkin was fiber, and picked some of it off and definitely ate the rest. 😀 With mustard, this was possible.  This would tide us over until we definitely decided that we were stopping for breakfast at Shari’s on the way home.

Here’s a pic of our view from our seats. Watching the movie with symphonic awesomeness is just awesome… but what you have the utmost appreciation for more than ever is when the credits roll. Twice now I have wanted to shush the people who immediately start clapping as soon as the movie is over. You look around, see people getting up out of their seats… IDIOTS! (I don’t actually say that outloud…but I DO scream that internally.) Especially at the end of the new Star Trek movies… they actually revisit the original Star Trek music and it’s so awesome. At home? Sure. You turn off the movie, go about your day. But here?! You sit in awe as the symphony kicks into it’s home stretch and really amps it up. I get chills just thinking about it!

I personally love the look on the guy’s face behind us. Priceless.

We had such a fun night, and I love that Matt is so thoughtful to take me to these events!! I’m a lucky girl! ❤


Later in the month (and before we knew it) it was time to celebrate Nora turning two! Our house isn’t really “party accessible” being that we live on the corner of a rather busy street, and there is NO street parking. So we decided to have a low key birthday party for Nora. We decided we would have pizza (her favorite) and cupcakes, and invite her cousins over! It was a really fun night and just the perfect thing.

The cousins got her an Anna doll that goes with her Elsa, and she loves walking around with both of them, and Gramma Jill got her a Thomas Train with track. She scored!

We had a little movie night afterwards, and adults sat and chatted. I love our family, and Nora just adores her cousins!

Nora got another special birthday surprise when my mom came to stay with us for a few days so she could be here on Nora’s birthday midweek.  We had a short, but great visit, full of relaxation!


What a fun month. We are blessed, blessed indeed. 😀 I’ll end with the usual random Nora pics from the month!







2 thoughts on “February 2016 Wrap Up

  1. The symphony sounds glorious and I’ve never heard of it over here otherwise I’d be straight there! Not to Star Wars though – I’m not a fan. Happy 2nd birthday to Nora!


  2. I’ve always told you this, but it needs repeating….you are the best writer! Love you so much. Proud mom.

    On Wed, Mar 30, 2016 at 11:20 AM, fibreandfabrics blog wrote:

    > Gina @ fibreandfabrics posted: “February was a pretty relaxed month for > us, which seemed to go by so quickly! Our quick highlights to share about > February include our sweet not-so baby girl turned two, and we had a > wonderful date night to the symphony! For a couple of years now my aw” >


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