March 2016 Wrap Up

March was a super fun month because the birthday fun was still rollin’ for Nora! Since we didn’t really do a full on party it was really sweet to spend some quality time with family at different times. Maybe this will be a new birthday tradition for Nora!

We got together with my Dad, Step Mom & Sister for a fun day out & a little shopping trip for Nora to pick out a present. It was a ton of fun! We had a bite to eat, and then went to the Mall. 😀


Nora was super excited to pick up her very own play shopping cart! Pops and Grandma even got her 2 new little Hello Kitty’s to ride inside. I got a kick out of her picking those Hello Kitty’s out because she has a white one already just like it! Sometimes you gotta go with what you know! She was super excited to wheel her new presents around the mall as we went into other stores.

She had also gotten this cute Hello Kitty balloon (can you tell she may like Hello Kitty a little bit?) As if the plushies, and balloon, and jammies didn’t give it away, right? Haha. This balloon is just this past few days finally on it’s last legs… but she’s had so much fun with it!

Nora’s also been getting some “real shopping” in lately whenever we go to Safeway! I don’t do a lot of my shopping there, so it’s the perfect trip for their “Customer in Training” carts. I love these! I totally wish more grocery stores would do this!

My mom sent Nora a some cute potty books this last month, and this one she’s looking at here is her fav! It’s a peek book and she is having so much fun with it! No luck with the potty yet really, though. We make a point to sit on it either before or after bath time, and hopefully that will get her used to it.

We took a little Eugene trip later in the month and had a lot of fun eating at Sizzle Pie. (The best place for pizza in Eugene!) They have an awesome lunch special where you get a gigantic piece of pizza with a huge mound of salad. YUM.

We’ve been trying to make it out to the park more now that the weather is starting to get better, and we always seem to have a great time! Leaving isn’t always so good… but mom’s a learnin’. I never leave the house now without my “bribery cookies” in tow.

Being outside had motivated me a little bit to plant some flowers in the planter box that is outside our kitchen window. 🙂

With the nicer weather, we are in “get-our-house-done” mode, too! The Mr. has done an amazing job with getting our bedroom done! We still have a ways to go, but it’s really shaping up!

still need to do a post about our house pre/post move-in, but here’s a little one of our room! On the back wall we had a HECK of a time getting off wallpaper from the 90’s. Let me say again… a HECK. OF. A. TIME. So much in fact that we didn’t really get all of it off, and all of our attempts were actually moving towards ruining the wall/ drywall.. so we started looking into other options aside from more wallpaper. The hubby saw a blog post on Pinterest about DIY wood paneling and decided it was what he wanted to do! When this guy puts his mind to something he’s ALL about it.. I love that about him!

Check out this throwback pic from last February when we first started tackling the wallpaper.

Yup. Pretty much a nightmare! (I think his face in the lower left corner says it all!) Well, we did get a TON of it off, and here’s us starting at it a year later! We didn’t paint all the way down, just because it was going to be covered anyway.  The blog post he looked at for inspiration was from Shanty 2 Chic.

We scored this bedroom set for super cheap when we were just moving in, but hunter green isn’t going to fly with me, so I’m in the process of painting all the green black. 🙂

Here is a more finished photo of the wall. I love it so much already!

Final details on my 2nd bathroom (Nora’s bathroom) are coming along, which reminds me, I need to finish my hand towel pattern & get that up on the blog!

I’ve been looking at bathroom sink sets at various different places, but I’ll probably just end up DIYing something cute in my yellow accent color to match. 😀

My niece and nephews are totally into Minecraft lately, and looking at my green yarn that I had sitting around inspired me to crochet a creeper! It was super fun! Nora always loves to help and create right along with me. I just love that & I can’t wait until she’s old enough to teach!

#crochet minecraft creeper HISSSSS BOOM! | #FibreandFabrics blog


This picture just cracks me up. The typical progression of hanging out / family time.

A late birthday present from us this month was Nora’s Toothless Plushie from How to Train Your Dragon. (She just loves dragons!)

This girl totally cracks me up on a daily basis. She is super sweet, and dramatic, and silly… I just love her to pieces!


We also had a fun play date visit from our dear friend’s kids, who we just love!


I ended up JUST posting this today too. Her 2 year info graphic. I love the way it turned out, so I care not that it’s 2 months late. 😀


…and I leave you with this. My favorite family picture from this month. I totally laughed after we took this.











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