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Earth Day | Plarn Pattern Roundup 2016

Happy Earth Day everyone (or should I say Earth Night)!  Just thought I would do a quick post here to share some great picks of the awesome things you can do with plarn! What’s plarn you ask? It’s such a great (and green!) medium for crocheting or knitting with & you’re helping the environment out at the same time since it can take multiple bags to make an item!

If you need a “how to” on how to make a plarn ball you can check a great post by myrecycledbags.com!  And now, to some projects for that plarn ball you’ve got!

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Earth Day Plarn Projects 2016

1. DIY Yarn Bowl

By: http://two-little-cs.blogspot.com/

DIY #Plarn Yarn bowl pattern on #ravelry #Earthday #upcycle @fibreandfabrics craft blog

2. Plarn Tote Bag

By: Repeat Crafter Me

#Plarn Tote Bag Free #crochet pattern by @repeatcrafterme


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3. Recycled Plastic Water Bottle Holder

By: MyRecycledBags.com

Recycled Plastic Bag #Plarn Water Bottle Holder

4. Laundry Basket Tutorial

By: newlifenewpurpose.wordpress.com

#Plarn Laundry Basket #Crochet tutorial #earthday

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5. Plarn Satchel Style Tote Bag

By: MyRecycledBags.com

#Plarn Satchel Style Tote Bag by myrecycledbags.com #earthday #upcycle

6. Plarn Dish Scrubbie

By: MyRecycledBags.com

#Plarn dish scrubbie #recycle #upcycle #earthday

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 7.  Recycled Plastic Bag Slip On Shoes

By: MyRecycledBags.com

#plarn Recycled Plastic Bag Slip On shoes by http://www.myrecycledbags.com #earthday

8. Crochet Plarn Soap Dish

By: CrochetSpot.com

9. Crochet Sleeping Mat for shelters/charity

By: FineCraftGuild.com

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10.  Crochet Plarn Plant Basket

By: mamimadeit.blogspot.ca

Happy plarning!

You can also check out my Fused Plastic Bag post from last year if you are looking for another fun way to upcycle your plastic bags!

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