April 2016 Wrap Up

Here are some family highlights from April this year before they are forgotten in my brain! It seems that I have fallen off the “monthly blog post” wagon, which seems to happen every month! 😀 Well, here’s me getting caught up!

A wonderful highlight of April was a trip to the Tulip Festival at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm with my bonus sis & our kiddos. It was such a fun time! We stopped for some Dutch Bros. and then we were off! We spent the drive up laughing and talking, and Nora just adoring being with her cousins. It’s always a treat for her! As you can see from the bottom right picture, she totally adores Selah her “sister-cousin”. 😀

We made it a brief visit mainly because it was pretty unbearably hot to walk around in (we ARE from Oregon here so anything over 80 and we’re dying basically) and we didn’t bring sunscreen! I was sure they would sell some in the gift shop but they did not! We then chatted among ourselves about how they could probably sell it for a ridiculous price and people would buy it!

Later that evening we got together for a “family movie night” which was also a LOT of fun!

Since the weather has been so nice, we have been getting out and making a LOT of trips to the various parks in the area! Nora really can’t get enough of the park. Mainly the slides. She just love loves slides people. Seriously.

Nora & Mommy slide time!

Nora had a lot of fun kicking her bouncy ball with this nice kid! I’m rather impressed with her “ball-kicking” skill actually. Might be fun to get her into soccer eventually!

Fun on the slide!

Nora loves her time with daddy at the park, too. ❤

Mommy & Nora have fun on evening walks when it’s a more bearable temperature outside. ❤

Something fun that is just “Daddy & Nora time” is going across the street to the market. She just loves going to market with daddy, and talks about it pretty often…mainly when she wants a cookie or chips. She’s so well mannered in the store, even knows where to grab her chocolate cookie. She puts it up on the counter to buy, and when she leaves says “Thank you. Bye!!” and waves. They get a kick out of her in the store. 😀

Nora’s also having lots of fun in her room lately playing with her kitchen that she was lucky enough to inherit from her cousins! I just love how her room turned out, and it’s pretty close to the way we had her room in our Eugene house. 🙂 I finally had the chance to hang up her star mobile that my dear friend made her. She loves it, and nearly every morning asks to “touch the stars”.

Here’s a picture of her room in Eugene before we were about to move. I still need to hang her letters up, and her tree decals.  (She was so tiny and chunky still!)

Here’s a pic of the slow house progress we’re making after being in this for more than a year now! I’m finally painting our bedroom set so we can eventually put our bed together! I’ve actually liked having the mattress on the floor, especially with Nora being in and out of our room. But it will be nice to have our room finished.

And hubby’s board & batten wall is coming along quite nicely!

We’ve been having a LOT of fun going to the library lately, checking out books, and playing in their Children’s area (which is so awesome!) There’s big comfy couches for the adults to sit on, and lots of activities for the kids set up. We’ve also been doing story time in the morning with the other parents and kids and I think she’s warming up to it. She’s still really shy about it though!

Being shy at story time.
Fun in the kids area at the library & story time activities!

With the summer coming I was excited to get Nora a swimsuit, since she had outgrown the other ones we have, and also get her a little kiddie pool! It was so fun when the package arrived that day to have her open it up and have her try it on!  I turned the phone towards her and had the camera on “selfie” mode. It’s about the only way she will take a good picture anymore. 😀 Plus she enjoyed looking at herself with her swimsuit on. So cute! While holding the pool in her hands she said “Mommy, go outside?” Of course, she was ready to try this out!

Nora modeling her swimsuit

I love when I capture pictures like this next one. I can only hope (really REALLY hope!) that later she will have a love for yarn & crafts just like mommy!

Now that Nora’s hair is getting longer, she’s allowing me to put it up more! She loves her hair in a “pony” and I just love how her hair has some curl to it!


My cherry trees always look wonderful in April! 😀 I can’t get enough of them! We have 2 mature cherry trees in our yard. This one’s a Pie Cherry tree, and the other one is a Queen Anne.

I had the pleasure of attending the Oregon Ducks Spring Football Game with my lovely sister, Jamie & her man, Tony. They were so sweet to let me tag along with them! I was so pumped that Tony knew the ropes (like where to get free stuff, and the best place to sit for the game to see the team..etc!)

I seriously laugh at that picture above as I’m trying to get all 3 of us AND the “O” in the picture. 😀 It will forever be a memorable experience because we got Marcus Mariota (YES, Marcus MARIOTA!) to sign our free footballs that we got while at the event. Score!!  He is seriously like, the nicest person & always makes time for his fans.


Random pics from April 2016








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