May 2016 Wrap Up

May started off with just my type of nerdiness with “May the Fourth” Star Wars Day!! I was super pumped to don my Star Wars attire from head to toe all at the same time!! So much fun. I even stole my “Rey” hairstyle idea from my bonus sister (which I saw on social media and immediately told her I was going to copy it). Fun times.

You can’t see my leggings THAT well but they are R2D2 & C3PO, and my shoes are custom made from Etsy by Kal-Elle who makes awesome nerdy things! We had fun and had a Star Wars Marathon. It was fantastical.

Early this month the hubby’s band was doing a show in Eugene, and I was super pumped to attend with him! Some of our Eugene friends came out to it, which was awesome! It was a cover show, and it was a lot of fun to hear all the bands.


Later that weekend we got together with the family to celebrate Mother’s Day with our annual park/hike outing! This time we picnic’d at McDowell Creek area, did some river exploring and rock hunting, and a little stroller offroading too. 😀 I love this shot on the left of Nora walking with 2 men she absolutely adores. Her Daddy & her Uncle. SO. Sweet.

We had such a yummy picnic spread! I think everyone was ready for naps. Auntie Jen brought lots of fun toys / activities for the kiddos!

The Papa’s were chillin’ and the kids were exploring the river and nature! You should’a seen me helicopter-momming as Nora was by the river. 😠

We also had some recent birthdays in April to celebrate so we had a little gift time before the trail walk / hike.

And let the trailing begin!

The kids were great sports along the way and loved posing for photos. 😍

Auntie Jen got the kids little sketch books to draw interesting plants or wildlife that they came across. They were super into it!

We paused for a few photo-ops in front of one of the falls later on, which was so pretty! Nora’s face is like… so how long do we have to sit here on this bridge!?

Super thankful to my mom & my bonus mom’s & Grandmom’s in my life. I’m super blessed by them constantly!

May has been a great time to throw on a sweatshirt and get out to the park! The sun is usually out for long enough to dry off the play equipment & it’s nice to get some fresh air too!

When we’re not out at the park we’re having some fun at the Library. She’s starting to like the toddler story time a little more, but what she’s definitely into are the bubbles & music time afterwards.

Lately Nora’s still been on the whole “I don’t take naps anymore” kick… (which she will understand later in life was a poor life choice because naps obviously rock) but for now she falls asleep at random times, mostly after car rides, or if she can manage to lay still for more than 2 seconds… then her tired body takes over.  😄 She’s such a sweet little sleeper! I just can’t resist photographing her.

And when she’s not sleeping she’s being a blueberry thief… stealing them right outta my muffin!

She’s lucky she’s cute and I like her. 🙂 She lays it on pretty thick.

Here’s a cute shot of my oldest and dearest friend looking so cute all pregnant! Matt & I went to her baby shower and I was glad that I finished the baby blanket I made her in time for it!

♥ Crochet Chevron Blanket for baby Tanner ♥

We had Nora stay at Grandma’s while we attended the baby shower and she’s turning into such a great helper with the barn duties when she’s there. I think it’s so cute to see her take a liking to horses! She’ll be learning to ride in no time just like the other cousins!

We were able to end the month with a lovely family dinner night full of birthday celebration, Virtual Reality, and great food & company. Love this family. We are so blessed.

Uncle Caleb & Auntie Jen were nice enough to bring over their virtual reality setup which is amazingly cool! It’s called the VIVE and it’s something everyone should experience for themselves. I’m totally sold on it and can’t wait until they start making more immersive games for it. It’s the future of gaming!

The kids having a great time, and trying out VR for the first time!







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